Rimaru Picture

Rimaru is the most recent of the Feral Others, being completed moments before I put up the group picture of them. Unfortunately, he doesn't actually have a cape in set form, but I used one from Vezon for photographing purposes (once I was done, the cape went back onto Vezon). Rimaru has traits of the Deadly Sin, gluttony.
The creature Rimaru's based off of is pretty unknown, so I'll just say now that he's inspired by a Strigoi, a vampire of ancient Romanian mythology. More specifically, Rimaru is based off of a Strigoi my friends and I made up; he goes by the name of Pinho. I translated Pinho's looks over onto Rimaru as well. Pinho is supposed to have blank white skin, but wears a black suit that covers all but his face. He also has two green tentacles protruding from his back and curling around his cape. Rimaru doesn't actually wear a suit; he just has a black body and a white head. However, he still looks like the body I envisioned for Pinho. Don't think you got off so easily, though. Sure, I told you what Rimaru is based off of, but I still have a small puzzle for you: figure out why I gave Rimaru his name. Try Googling it.
Biography: [link]
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