i thought i'd do something to brush up on my human body knowledge and i can say i'm happy with the results, for a change i decided to not bury my work under all the armor and heavy clothing but feel like i should give my work some room to move around but could not get as far the calf without it looking like a string of taffy so i had to give it the boots

witches are half scientist half heretic. by way of still being human (more or less) they can take black matter to be used
the elect trick witches are elected by unknown means to enjoy the pleasures of 2nd hand knowledge on how to comprehend the nature of black matter application to such things as sound plasma electrical current and even music
some use this talent to party

jack's notes
-finally had the guts to use a 9B pencil and its slightly darker then my 8 but all
-really like the back ground with the bleeding sound wave and the twisted pigtails but don't like the surrounding amps
-explore more on witch mythology and lore since i have left this area undeveloped
-I AM NOT A PERVERT i am an adult and have full right to draw what i want without fear of persecution
-so yeah finally figured out how to flip photos sideways like a professional
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