Another story that we tell Picture

Category: Digital Art
Tools: Poser 5 (nude girl and wings), Photoshop 7 (postwork and everything else)

I'm most often inspired by two things, by traditional stories, such as mythology and fairy tales, and by the music that I listen to. Many of the descriptions on my deviations contain lyrics to the music that inspired them, or that I was listening to when I made them. Since I have two main sources of inspiration, I thought I would combine them here. This is inspired both by the Greek myth of Icarus and by the Ani DiFranco song of the same name (lyrics below). Unlike in the original myth, my figure's wings don't fall apart from the heat of the sun. She is being done in by the distraction of the natural beauty around her. She falters in the air because she is paying more attention to it than to the intricacies of staying aloft.
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"dreams like this roll in like a cold front
thunderous thunder and lightening in tow
and your tiny little light gets even smaller
as you heed the heaven's mighty show
and I don't mean heaven like god-like
'cause the animal I am knows very well
that nature is our teacher and our mother
and God is just another story that we tell...'s just like Icarus ascending
never intending to look back
nature's law and your tragic flaw
combine to send you flying
into the arms of a Venus flytrap"
- Ani DiFranco - "Icarus"
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