I Promise You Picture

Remember Raito, that golden prince I drew a while back? Well, this is him, and no, he wasn't punished. Rather, Ryu/Shedren offered to change the colors of the griffins to quickly return night's cloak to the kingdom. He was the first one that stepped up to the offer, and with his father no longer a king, he has to step up to the throne, but due to how he was raised, Ryu/Shedren informs to kingdom to work together to raise him into a proper king.

Ryu/Shedren: "There's a well known saying that it takes a village to raise a child...perhaps it takes a kingdom to raise a prince into a true king."

This is where Raito promises him that he'll due what he can to fix what his father has done. *But ignore the background, because this was supposed to happen in a large ball room, but I suck at indoor backgrounds soooooo*

Anyways, this should be my last full fledged Griffin for a while...I think I'll finally be drawing some monkeys again, if I remember correctly. I haven't read this area of the roleplay in over a year, so I don't remember the order of everything...I just know there's more monkeys. And while I loved doing the griffins once I figured out the magic trick to coloring them, after 2 weeks and 14 griffins straight, your mind demands something else. XP

But don't worry, we'll be seeing the kingdom a few more times while I try to draw every character. X'D ....there's way too many characters. *And sadly, that's my fault. XP *Major Derp*

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