Fantroll Profile:Lucius Voxhez Picture

Okay,So i completely revamped him,Look,Profile,Details,And all. Everything except for some little details of what he was like before have COMPLETELY changed. And i must say,I do like him a LOT better now that he has more developement to him.
And yes,I know,Normally it should be impossible for trolls to have two of anything when it comes to things like god tiers,But it is highly appreciated that you would read the details below before making it out to be far more crazy than the little bit of detail on the actual picture may seem.
Please,Let me know if any of it sounds completely idiotic,And just wouldn't work. Constructive criticism is certainly appreciated,So don't be afraid to inform me of anything that may be wrong on his profile.

Lucius,Cetrai,and Romana belong to me
Ekko belongs to
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