Neon Mega Glalie Picture

This is my neon version of Ken Sugimori's artwork for Mega Glalie.

"The excessive energy from its Mega Evolution gushes out of its mouth, blasting away and destroying its jaw. It is no longer able to close its mouth, and the freezing air it emits becomes far stronger. It tosses foes into its gaping mouth, expelling a burst of chilled air to freeze them instantly." ~info from official OR/AS site

Now for some comparison with regular Glalie

Base stats (regular--> Mega Glalie)

HP: 80-->80
Attack: 80-->120
Defense: 80-->80
Sp.Atk: 80-->120
Sp.Def: 80-->80
Speed: 80-->100

Total: 480--> 580

Ability: Inner Focus or Ice Body / Moody (hidden) --> Refrigerate

Type: stays Ice

My Glalie: Mimir (since this one was revealed along with Mega Steelix and a certain special anime short also made the impression of them being rivals I had to make his name somewhat matching the inspiration for my Steelix Mjölnir. the name Mimir is inspired by a figure in norse mythology, who goes by that exact name. this one even got beheaded during a war. not sure if it's only me but the name fits just perfect for my ice cold buddy)

While Mega Glalie kinda looks intimidating and cool (yeah, we know that pun) I really hope for a Mega Froslass in the future. Don't get me wrong, I really like every Mega Evolution. It's just, that I prefer some over others and since the female only variant is among my favorite Ice-types it would be awesome to see equality with its counterpart. You know, just like it happened with Mega Gardevoir being on X/Y and then Mega Gallade coming in OR/AS to join the fray. When it comes to movesets it might be a good idea to run Protect for extra Moody turns and Return to work with Refrigerate upon Mega Evolution. Also it can be worth a try to give it Earthquake for coverage and Dark Pulse or Shadow Ball to make some use of its Special Attack.

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