Drawing a Bad Lot Picture

Introducing Hades! Baw, I love his design. He's such a little nerd.

Okay, who doesn't know this myth? It's one of the first ones: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades draw lots to see who gets assigned where. Hades draws last and gets stuck with the Underworld.

Somehow, this makes him a bad guy. I've never understood why. Whenever Hades is featured in a myth, if you read carefully, it actually becomes quickly obvious that he's much more merciful and understanding than most other Gods and Goddesses. If you ask me, Zeus and Poseidon totally planned giving Hades the Underworld. Thus the inspiration for this strip.

Poor little guy. </3
I feel so bad for him LOL. ;;;

Of course, I don't imagine Zeus and Poseidon doing it to be mean spirited; rather, they think they're just playing an "endearing" prank on their bro.

Sorry if some of the posing is awkward in this strip; I was having trouble figuring out positioning a little pfff.
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