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The novel, "A Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger, inspired my concentration. The image of a time traveler lies heavily in my pieces like portraits. Just like the novel, the science fiction theories of time traveling are abandoned. Instead, my concentration focuses on the human fear of being forgotten under the overwhelming pressures of time.

The background of my concentration are inspired by Jim Dine's tool drawings in which texture and depth were implied through gestural mark-making. The background portrays my image of time as a static element of the world in constant flux. Image 1 is my first attempt to portray my interpretation of a time traveler. The image scared me and my concentration began to be more about coming to terms with that fear. I began to relate the concept of disappearing over time through the absence of the face. The use of string is derived from The Fates of Greek mythology who weave and control the threads of destiny that control our lives. The idea of predestination made me feel constricted, which is shown in the wrapping of the face with string (2, 3). The novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, "Everything is Illuminated," also influenced my work because I learned that nobody is entirely forgotten after their time. That small hope I fostered is shown as the figure consoles the body (4). I realized there are some things I can control (5) and things I can't (8). So, I started to show the unraveling of the string (6, 7). I discovered that underneath time, I would be "illuminated in the light of the past" in the things I create, the people I love, etc. Thus, the image of illumination is explore (9, 10). The last image (12) marks my acceptance of time.
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