Smite Reddit Contest - Design Chaos Picture

There was a contest on Smite's reddit forum to make a character concept for the Greek figure - Chaos. I didn't win, but I might as well post it here.

Chaos was a fairly nebulous figure in Greek Mythology, being the only thing around before all of the interesting gods and titans showed up, so it could relatively take any form a designer would want. So, I made it look nebula-like, contained in some powerful armor - plated armor, so that if it had any transformation abilities or general rippling in form, it could do so without being restricted. The character type (assassin, warrior, mage, etc.) wasn't given, so I gave it a variety of weapons it could have to fit into any of the possible types. Also, it probably would be too much to animate in-game (thinking back in retrospect), but I thought it would be neat to see cities be built up and crumble in its wake (that's what is going on in the purplish cape.
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