The Hindu Monkey God,Hanuman.

According to Hindu Mythology, Hanuman was born to an "Apsara",a consort named Anjani who conceived him when The Hindu God of wind,Vaayu, made her pregnant just by a gust of wind when she was taking a stroll in the hills.

Hanuman took the celibacy vow for life and is one of the only 10 Immortal Figures in the Hindu pantheon.Paradoxes rule the story.... mother who was a consort and son a Celibate for life.

The Big Image of Hanuman in "CELIBATE_PROMISCUITY>>ETERNAL_IMMORTALITY" is made up of Approx. 65,000 small Illustrations of Pin up Girls in sensual Poses By 60's Artist Antoine Vargas.Highlighting the contradictory aspect in Hanuman's Life.He is Shown Deep in Meditation which clearly exemplifies celibacy and Abstinence....whereas the pin up girls constitute each iota of his body symbolising his mother's promiscuousity.There are Verses of Hanuman Chalisa...the sacred text in honour of Hanuman....written all across the artwork in three languages...Sanskrit,English and Arabic.

The FIgures Flying to the right of the artwork are revolving in an unending circle of infinity....an orbit of timelessness, so to say...symbolising Hanuman's eternal Immortality...


This took me 45 Hours including..conceptualization, Study Drawings and Execution in corel Draw and Photoshop7...exclusive of the research on the subject.

The Original...Giclee on Canvas is 80 inches wide! AVAILAVLE THRU MY WEBSITE.RIGHT NOW...eMAIL ME.
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