Gretchen Olivia Moss Picture

Biographical Information

Full Name – Gretchen Olivia Moss

Meaning – “Pearl”, “Elf Army”, “Drawn of Water”.

Set Age - 15

Certified Birthdate – September 3rd

Astrological Sign - Virgo

Gender - Female


Distant Descendants :




Dominant Descendants :


Physical Description

Hair Color – Ginger. It’s messy, because she spends more time studying than worrying about her appearance. Despite this, she’s obsessed with cleanliness.

Eye Color – Brown. Her eyes are wide and owl-like, and hidden behind circle glasses.

Appearance: She has curved eyebrows, that are slightly hairy. Both her eyelashes and brows are an auburn.

Gretchen has a round face with a button nose. She has a sprinkle of freckles over her nose. She has thin lips, and has square, white teeth, with braces. Gretchen has porcelain skin. She's normally got an observant yet detached expression.

Weight – 136 lbs.

Height – 5’1

Figure/Build – Short, and she holds herself slightly awkwardly.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements – The dorms.

Originated from – Michigan

Traveled Territories – She’s been to various places in Michigan and New York due to family residing there.

Hobbies – Reading, creative writing, playing Grottos & Gremlins, hanging out with the nerds, reading comics.

Fears – Heights, oceans, tight spaces, crowds, inescapable situations, and people she doesn’t know well.

Religion/Beliefs – She’s Jewish.

Why?: She was raised that way.

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – She’s got a low level of OCD, she’s Claustrophobic, she can’t see well without glasses, she has a bucket-full of fears and allergies, and she’s pretty much just awkward.

Any regular medication taken? – No.

Chronological Information

Profession – Bullworth student.

Likes – The nerds, grammar, Grottos & Gremlins, TV, mythology, learning.

Dislikes – The other cliques, dirty magazines, slang, and pretty much everyone that isn’t a nerd or in good standing with the nerds.

Goals/Ambitions – Reviving the lost art of the English language. Because of this, she tends to speak in long, intricate words.

Weapons/Equipments – None.

Personal Attributes

Personality – Smart, docile, owl-like, cynical, observant.

Strengths – Intelligence and organization.

Weaknesses – She’s not very powerful, in more ways than one.

Good Habits – She’s smart.

Bad Habits – Staying up late so she can read, and EVERYTHING has to be either in alphabetical order or color-coded.

Stereotype – The English geek.

As you know them better (and you like them) : Honest, docile, helpful.

As you know them better (and you hate them) : Cynical, boastful about her own intelligence, and doormat-like.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 3/10

She can carry loads of books, but cannot hold her own in a fight with anyone.

Attractive : 3/10

She’s not entirely ugly, but she doesn’t care about her appearance.

Honesty : 6/10

She’s mostly honest.

Rule Abiding : 4/10

Gretchen isn’t above trickery or deceit to get what she wants.

Sociability : 2/10

She’s awkward, and mostly talks to nerds.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Her father sent her to the only academy he could find with a reasonable price and discipline rate, because he does a lot of traveling with his work.

Clique – The Nerds.

Standing and Rank in Social Circle – Just a member, but she’s pretty high in the ‘member’ zone.

Room Number – 7

Roommate(s)- Lola Lombardi, Christy Martin.

Favorite Subject(s) – English.

Why?: English is her passion.

Least Favorite Subject(s) – Any non-core class.

Why?: She has similar views to the other nerds.


Language(s) – English, but various forms of it (i.e., Old English, American English, British English).

Schooling Level – Sophomore, with a few Junior classes.

Expertise – English.

Chemistry – Midst

Math - Midst-High

Geography – Highest

Politics/Law – Midst-High

Economy – Midst-Low

Cooking/Culinary - Lowest

Shop - Lowest

Botany/Biology – Midst-High

Mythology – Midst-High

Art – Lowest

Photography – Lowest

Reading Level - Highest

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) – Beatrice Trudeau, Melvin O’Connor

Friend(s) – The nerds, a few non-cliques.

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies – Mandy Wiles.

Intolerable Students – The bullies, the greasers, and the jocks.

Harmless Acquaintances

Everyone unlisted… she doesn’t talk to many of these people, but she knows everyone’s name.

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions – Jimmy Hopkins, Earnest Jones, Thad Carlson

Crush(es) – Melvin O’Connor

Lover(s) – None, yet.

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore.

Favorite Food(s): French fries, sweet potatoes, stir-fry, macaroni & cheese.

Favorite Drink(s): Beam Cola, cranberry juice.

Disliked Food(s): Mushrooms, bananas, unusual foreign foods (i.e., Escargot or Caviar).

Disliked Drink(s): Alcohol. It reminds her of cough syrup, which she dislikes.

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) – Fear and Loathing by Marina and the Diamonds

Scent – Soap.

Favorite Color: Purple.

Favorite Season: Autumn.

Favorite Animal: Owls.

Favorite Music Genre: Alternative Rock.

Most Memorable Quote – “The stupendous art of the English language is nearing its end! People are consigning to oblivion about the nature of its allurement!”

Various Quotes Through Interaction :

Walking around –

“Use ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’ or when sounded like ‘ay’, as in ‘neighbor’ and ‘weigh’.”

“The Coordinating Conjunctions in alphabetical order… And, But, For, Nor, Or, So, Yet.”

“Like feeble age, he reeleth from the day, The eyes, 'fore duteous, now converted are from his low tract and look another way…”

When the fire alarm goes off –

Nothing, she just runs.


Good Terms:

“Oh, hello…”

“Do you need help with anything?”

“How are you?”

“If you ever need help with homework, I-I’d be glad to help!”

Bad Terms:

“Brave knight, why doth thou arrive in such a vorpal mood?”

“Spare me...”

“I’ll do your homework for you! Just… leave me alone…”

Saying goodbye –

Good Terms:

“I have to go write a paper for Mr. Galloway… bye.”

“I’ll see you around.”

“I have to go find Melvin… so, later date, fair knight.”

Bad Terms:

“I-I have to go…”

“Erm… bye…”

“I try to be kind to you…”

When Flirted With –

Good Terms:

“I-I don’t know what to say…”

“Your words are rather euphonious, I give you that…”

“How… pulchritudinous!”

“What Melvin doesn’t know won’t hurt him…”

Bad Terms:

“Eck… How shuddersome.”

“You’re rather nugatory to me…”

“I’m kind of spoken for…”

Watching a fight –

“That hit was virile!”

“Jimmy’s so… robust!”

I deleted most of the fighting-related ones because, just like if you hit any other girl, you’ll be taken down by a prefect/teacher/officer.

Knocked out –

“Dr. Crabblesnitch will hear of this…”

Stink bomb explodes –


Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy–


She doesn’t know much about the bullies except for their appearances, she pretty much avoids them all at all costs.




She avoids the Jocks party because of the same reason she avoids the bullies, and partly because the jocks are more brainless than any clique in the school.


Algernon Papadopoulos: “He’s a good friend, but I wish he would stop wetting himself so much.. it’s not very aseptic…”

Beatrice Trudeau: “She’s my absolute best friend! Life without her would be rather... woebegone.”

Bucky Pasteur: “It’s so obvious that he’s enamored with Beatrice, too bad she doesn’t reciprocate the feeling.”

Cornelius Johnson: “He was my partner in a project for English last year… ’A Shakespeare Review’… We had to write a paper on Romeo and Juliet.

Donald Anderson: “I don’t understand how someone can be so fascinated with the past… It’s already happened and it’s not going to change.”

Earnest Jones: “I hate his dirty fascinations… but he’s a really smart guy and a great leader.”

Fatty Johnson: “To me, he’s like that one friend everyone has that kind of disgusts them sometimes…”

Melvin O'Connor: “I hopelessly became enraptured with him the year before last. He’s my closest male friend. Passing the time with him is wonderful.”

Thad Carlson: “He’s a good friend, we’re not all that close, but he’s cute.”


Angie Ng and Christy Martin: “They’re both pretty nice to me… but they’re always spreading rumors.”

Constantinos Brakus: “Who? Oh, him. I don’t know him well…”

Eunice Pound: “I study with her sometimes, when Beatrice isn’t available.”

Gary Smith: “Oh, he’s maniacal!”

Gloria Jackson: “She’s so amenable!”

Gordon Wakefield: “He’s fine by me. We talk once every semester or so.”

Ivan Alexander: “The poor guy has so many sleeping issues...”

Jimmy Hopkins: “He’s so cool! I have so much fidelity when it comes to him.”

Karen Johnson: “I can’t stand thinking about how she’s gonna turn out… There is no future in athletics.”

Lance Jackson: “All I know about him is that he’s Gloria’s older brother.”

Melody Adams: “I don’t ever talk to her.”

Pedro De La Hoya: “He and Gloria are both wonderful children.”

Pete Kowalski: “Beatrice and I are friends with him. We invite him to study with us about once a month…”

Ray Hughes: “Ray is weird…”

Sheldon Thompson: “I don’t know about him, he’s more of a suck-up than an apt student…”

Trevor Moore: “He seems boring.”



Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy –

The teachers are dreadful at their job! Students are learning nothing! I’m ashamed to be a part of this generation.


So, I figured I wouldn't be complete unless I had a character in both of my favorite cliques. So, here's Gretchen Moss, my nerd character.

The Greaser and Preppy blocks at the bottom are currently missing because I've had enough for today... They'll be filled in whenever I have free time.

[EDIT:] This has been updated.

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