Perseus and his trophy Picture

My second drawing, from life, of a statue. Chronologically I drew it first.

"Fountain with a figure of Perseus" by Mark, S. N. About 1867, plaster cast.
Original by Hubert Gerhard (1550-1620). About 1590, bronze.

The sculpture is in the west court of the Cast Collection, V&A Museum, London.

In this drawing I focused only on the two figures (left the fountain out) and again (as for the drawing Looking back at Sodoma) I can't tell how long it took me to be finished as I used to go to the museum few hours during some weekends. It wasn't planned, so I did it through makeshift media, an ordinary HB pencil on the back of a handout, as I started drawing just for fun. So, after scanning, around the drawing's outline it's been necessary to clean out the grey areas, coming out from the printed side, with photoshop. Anyway I got real satisfaction from the final result as in that occasion I picked up the pencil again for the first time after long without drawing seriously.
I hope you like it as well.

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