OC: Fleur Picture

This is a doll of my OC, Fleur Bellamonte, that I made from an adopted base, I don't know who originally made the base, so I'm partially not taking credit. Enjoy her biography below, though. :3


Fleur Ninette Bellamonte is an 18 year old Chimera(Kim-era: See tidbit at bottom of description) that has grown up in a world called Belle Lumiere; a world that is very ahead of Earth. While Earth is in the 20th century, Belle Lumiere is all the way in the 30th century. Belle Lumiere's population consists of any mythical creature under the sun: mermaids, winged-creatures, vampires, nekos, and others.

Fleur's family was split down the middle when she was five and her parents got a divorce, in court, her parents agreed on joint custody where Fleur was to spend a week with her mother and a week with her father. So instead of being forbidden to see either parent, she knew both of the parents. Her mother lived in a box in the outskirts of Belle Lumiere's capital, her father lived in a decent apartment in the heart of the capital across the street from the police station.

In grade school, Fleur fell in love with a lazy, yet athletic pureblood vampire named Andrew Galbraith, who was on the football team, yet had less than excellent, but above failing grades. In the classroom, he was lazy, but outside he was active. He had a quite skinny and slender figure while Fleur had a slender figure like him, but it was curvaceous. Fleur was 13 when she mustered up the courage to talk to him and established a small friendship between themselves.

You know how the Mayan and the other ancient civilizations' calendars predicted the End of the World for the year 2000 and the year 2012 and the other numerous predictions? The reason those predictions didn't come true was because they were predictions for other worlds, not Earth. The prediction for 2012 was meant for Fleur's world, Belle Lumiere.

When Belle Lumiere's Armageddon happened, Fleur was with Andrew. What happened, was an earthquake-like sensation occurred, and the world started to crumble, the image of the blue sky, the buildings, everything. However, a portal opened for Fleur and Andrew, causing them to disappear from view and appear in a different world. Fleur appeared in a medieval mythical/magical world called Eulanaea, where she saw humans for the first time. The humans hated her because she wasn't human, and because of this, she was called a monster. Because of this, the civilians of Eulanaea's current kingdom drove her out and cast her away to the ruins of their ancient kingdoms. A wall was put between the current capital and the ancient ruins, and even though Fleur could just fly over the wall and swim across their oceans that seperated the two kingdoms, she never tried to go back. She stayed in the ruins she was cast aside to.

** A Chimera is a mythical creature that is comprised of three other mythical creatures; In other words, three mythical creatures put into one body. A famous example of this is the famous Lion-snake-goat Chimera from greek mythology (look it up). Fleur is comprised of a mermaid, a two-winged seraph, and a neko.
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