Tamamo-no-Mae Picture

Arcana:High Priestess

Tamamo-no-Mae is from Japanese Mythology. A legendary figure from the Muromachi Period.Tamamo-no-Mae was a courtesan under Emperor Konoe. Tamamo-no-Mae was said to be "the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Japan.' 'Tamamo was not only beautiful, but she was infinitely knowledgeable in all subjects' Because of this everyone in the Imperial Court adored her, and Emperor Konoe fell deeply in love with her. Her name means beautiful fox-witch.

Void Death. Abs Mind. Str Magic. Wk Curse.

Allure /// Meditation
Recarm /// Salvation
Petridi /// Kitsune X-form
Stone Gaze /// ???

New skills Exp: Tamamo-no-Mae can transform in battle to Kitsune form. She gains auto-Sukukaja temporarily in Kitsune form, and the damage effect on her Charm bite becomes Almighty.

Themes used during conception:

Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne-Mansion of Heresy:

Tekken 5- Ka En No Mai:

This Persona belongs to Foxxy
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