I find that sexist. Picture

Okay, so the title is a gag- but satyrs are male. So, fuck that. This satyr's a WOMAN. Haha. Take that Greek Mythology. WHAT? A SATYR WITHOUT AN ERECTION? Yeah... they're usually the figure of male sex drive. haha.

Yeeeah. Listening to Spring Awakening makes me think on that level. I know, I suck at coloring and female anatomy and fingers and feet (she has hooves) and blah blahhh. But I like it so there. My friend made me 'lol' when she said 'shes' like a slutty reptile goat'. I love her. Haha. I wouldn't mind constructive crit either if you have some about what I could do to fix the anatomy.

She has no name, so feel free to pitch that too. I just wanted to draw something that was not.. canine in nature. I think I managed.
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