Scrolls of the Kuhraiy Final Logo Picture

Hmm... I thought I uploaded this. Oh well, here it is.

First I changed the main font to "Kaneiwa" because it looked better. Then, though, I had to change the font to "Domo Aregato" since the Kaneiwa font I could not figure out how to get a proper license for it.

EDIT: Cropped the image so it looks better.

Disclaimer: Relm Kisaragi, Kuhraiy, Scrolls of the Kuhraiy, and all related to them are copyright me, JaidynReiman. Muramasa and Murasame are mythological references I am using and are in no way related to other franchises that happen to use the same names. And yes, its more than just Squeenix that use such references, though they tend to do it more commonly. Font is "Domo Aregato," a freeware font I found online by Dieter Schumacher.
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