Lightsong Benediction Picture

Done in inks, I felt I should get off from the sketchy style of graphite for a bit. The being in the front is more a symbolic figure of the Arduien Lightsong religion... where towns and villages have druidic practices to remember balance with their home (I suppose), a more organised force is required even for the Arduine in the cities. This is the Lightsong, an institution of charity that elevates the arts and preaches what I would imagine to be standard altruistic religious values. Colours of choice are generally large, billowing multi-layered robes of white and dazzling gold but here I desired to capture the form of the human body. Behind her however is the World Tree (Yggdrasil) which appears in norse mythology, symbolising life and the more primal aspect of humanity, that which is closer to nature. Both of these are strong Arduine symbols.
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