DaiquiriGlassID Picture

Light white paper,black and red Pilot drawing pens,Derwent colored pencils,Derwent shader,gold leaf, gold and bronze pen

This figure is inspired from Klimt's "Pallade Athena".I think it quite suits me not just because Athena is my fave among all the mythological divinities, but also for what she represents:intellect,war strategy and a sort of amazon.
That's actually me:dark, brown long hair, mixed complexion, green/grey eyes and a paintbrush instead of the original work's lance,because that's basically my weapon here. It's dripping blood,or crimson paint(depends on how you see me),staining my clothes.
Crimson tears?That's my passion for art,pretty scaring
But don't worry, I don't really bite...that often^^
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