Marin Chibi Picture

Something I did along with the Dinzary picture but forgot to uploaded it again I had to use a base for it again sadly. You can find the link where I got the base from in my Dinzary picture. I think it came out okay but the colors are a little faded again her hair and eyes are suppose to be brown but they don't really look like it to me from the fade and I'm not to proud of her cape but it'll work for now. Since she's my human OC for homestuck I figured I'd put her info here as well and a link to a better picture of her that was drawn for me^_^

Name: Marni Cox

Gender: Female

Looks: [link]

chumhandle: Medusasmessenger

about marni:She loves mythology mostly greek mythology but she love all kinds of mythology and has many books on it. Marni also love dressing up in costumes she've made herself her faveorite being her witches cape which she wear constantly. She also enjoy reading horror stories and watching old cornny movies the sillier the better. She has a big fear of the dark and still sleeps with a nightlight though she doesn't tell anyone that. She's also a lot nicer online than in person not to say she isn't nice in person she is, but she's extra polite online. She usually speaks whats on her mind without thinking how it would make other people feel and usually halfasses jobs that she feels aren't important.

Strife specibus: she switches between frisbeekind and batonkind

(hope I left enough info for you guys^^ I already have a troll OC out but I thought it'd be fun having a human one too hope you like miss Marni and miss Dinzary)

Something else I wanted to add: Out of the trolls Marni likes talking to Eridan the best mostly because she really likes the wway he talks vvery much.
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