Top 10 Animated Guys :D Picture

Please don't judge me- I'm new to photoshop!

10. Danny Phantom, from Danny Phantom
-This has been one of my favorite shows for a long time, and I like that Danny is such a textbook loser: makes me feel better about myself! ^^ Going Ghost is also pretty awesome.

9. Sha Gojyo, from Saiyuki
-Not my fave of the 4 guys, but I still like him. He helps us to not get bogged down by the sadness and drama of the story, with his personality (drinking, smoking womanizer) and quibbling, brotherly scenes with Goku, and gets in some good ole' corny one-liners.

8. Double D, from Ed, Edd n' Eddy
-Does this really need explained? Double D is just made of win- my favorite dork.

7. Cho Hakkai, from Saiyuki
-Hakkai is the mom of the group- always kind and gentle to friends, patient, understanding, and also squeezes in some quips that made me laugh a lot.

6. Aang, from Avatar: the Last Airbender
-GO AANG! I'm a proud Avatard, and where I really like Sokka, Aang had to have this spot. I like that our "hero" didn't just get the memo that Ozai needed defeating and go, "yup, sure can do," and blasted Ozai's head off. He was raised by monk's- not just squeamish about blood, but concerned about taking a life. The barbarian in us all did make me jump around yelling, "kill him! Now! Do it! Melt his face off!" but I was glad when Aang used his brain to figure out a solution to everyone's problems.

5. Ichigo Kurosaki, from Bleach
-At first, Bleach was my sister's thing, until she made me read vol. 1, and now I'm hooked. Ichigo is such a likable jerk, and has pretty much proven himself a true hero- now, to see where the whole Hichigo problem goes...

4. Genjo Sanzo, from Saiyuki
-Another likable jerk. At first, one may like Sanzo because it's kind of funny how he treats Goku, but then you learn his backstory (in a nutshell: SUPER SAD), and you come to understand why he's such a jerk/stick in the mud. Still funny: how can angry blonde men with guns, threatening to shoot their annoying friends, even though they won't admit they have friends, NOT be funny???

3. Allen Walker, from D. Gray-Man
-Allen is a nice person, which is cool. Plus, he has fabulous abilities and physical characteristics that code for uniqueness and super awesome power! My only issues are that his mysterious traits (eye with ability to detect- & arm with ability to fight- the "bad guys" of the story) are a tad bit Mary-Sueish, and his appearance changes a lot throughout the story. Other than that, I like his personality, and how he interacts with the other characters.

2. Ed Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist
-What is there that needs saying, here? Angry, short kid on a personal mission, turned mission-to-save-the-world! Again, I love how Ed interacts with the other characters (good times, good times), and how, by making one mistake, he gets set on a path, that leads him to another path, that spits him out on another path, that converges with a really big path, that leads to a secret path, that ends, so he has to make his own path, that eventually leads to Ed doing his part in saving the world. Very fun character, sprinkled with humor, with dramatic notes in the background.

1. Son Goku, from Saiyuki
-Goku, much? By far, my favorite character. Shallow reasons: he makes for funny scenes! Always fighting with Gojyo, always being threatened by Sanzo, and doing his part to create wild situations. A bit better reasons: I'm a sucker for a sad story, and Goku's is sad, sad, sad. a) in the current story, we find out that Sanzo saved him from his mountain-top prison, where he's been chained for the last 500 years. Goku looks up to Sanzo as not only a savior, but a father (unless you support them as a ship, but I just really don't see that), but because of Sanzo's dark past, he won't let himself be a dad-kind-of-guy to Goku.
b) THEN, if you read the manga (go do it), you learn how Sanzo is the reincarnation of Konzen, a minor god in a heaven (think... like Greek mythology. Lots of Gods, Goddesses and drama) shadowed by political badness. Goku (born from a rock, so is unique and unholy- can't let him run around with humans, too dangerous) is brought up from the lower world, and is given to Konzen (as a joke, Konzen is an ultra-uptight, stick CEMENTED in the mud). Long story short, bad guys in Heaven want to kill Goku, he freaks out and kills hundreds of people in Heaven (but only those attacking him, I must add), Konzen has grown to love his little boy and tries to escape with him to the lower world, but after a tearful, heartbreaking "I'm sorry I wasn't a better father, next time we meet, I promise- I'LL reach out for YOU", bad guys catch up to them- Konzen shoves Goku through the time-and-space dimension gate at the last moment, and is crushed by it as it closes. Konzen is dead, and Goku is alone down there. He has no will to live now, so curls up in a ball near the gate, and that's where a kind Heavenly authority finds him. Said authority follows orders to wipe his memory and imprison him on a mountain top, but leaves him one small memory- his name. The name that Konzen gave him: Goku. D,:
Goku is the glue that binds the group together, and is so childlike and innocent (other than his bad language) that I can't help but adore him! Come on! He's so awesome!

Blank Top 10 Animated Guys.

Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman
Gojyo, Hakkai, Sanzo, & Goku (c) Kazuya Minekura
Edd (c) Danny Antonucci
Aang (c) Mike & Bryan
Ichigo (c) Tite Kubo
Allen (c) Katsura Hoshino
Ed (c) Hiromu Arakawa
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