Zyrana Diandraw Picture

Name: Zyrana Diandraw (I know the last name is 8 letters, but just make a friggin exception for now)
Gender: Female
Race: Troll
Age: 6 Alteranian Solar Sweeps (13 Earth Years)
Blood Color: Silver
Title: Warrior of Heart
Handle: greekgeek (just like me)
Typing Quirk: a/A= @ s/S= $ i/I= ! o/O= 0 ?/!= ??? & !!!
Strife Specibi: Swordkind
Relations: (She has a moirail, but my friend hasn't named her yet)
Planet: Land of Chocolate and Mud (XP)
Dreams On: Prospit
Personality: Zyrana is pretty much goth/punk and a total greek mythology geek. She figures history is one good thing that humans did. She has anger issues and is quite quick to anger. Strangely, she hangs out with Gamzee and loves Faygo.
Appearance: Seriously. Again.
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