Spider-woman Picture

I figured I should probably have something on here besides a chapter of crappy fanfiction, so.... Here, uncaring occupants of the internet, have this painting I made in art class last year of Spider-woman. It took me three weeks and multiple tries, but the final product was good enough to go in the school art show. Hooray for being a special snowflake.

And yes, she is a real character. She got in some sort of spider-related lab accident as a kid and fought mythological monsters in a cartoon show. Not to mention that brief stint she did with the Avengers, both as a good and bad guy.

Maybe now that I've put art on my deviantart, my sister will FINALLY get around to posting some on hers.

Uh... Spider-woman is (c) Marvel and doesn't belong to me. Blah blah copyright stuff. Just don't sue me, okay?
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