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The above is an older pic, but the best one I have in relation to this idea.

This is a rather underdeveloped idea I've had in my head for quite some time, but I figure I'd share it with you guys anyway, since I've already posted a buncha other original ideas.

I've always loved Greek mythology (mostly because I'm Greek but also because I really just love the stories/characters) and have been wanting to do something with them for quite some time--but I could never figure out what....

Then it hit me: what would happen if some of the gods were trapped inside teenage bodies? What if they had to attend high school?

Yeah....okay that doesn't sound super exciting I know....but this is what I have so far:

The Greek gods and godesses still live on Mt. Olympus, and still watch over the human race (and occasionally affect it). They're time is much much slower than ours--humans live their life in a hundred years or so but the gods can live for thousands. As such, Zeus' children--at least, while on Olympus themselves--are still "teenagers;" looking (and acting) as such. This tends to mean they occasionally do really stupid things--things normal human teenagers tend to do, but because they're gods, any mishaps/mischeif they get into tends to affect the human world.

Wouldn't you know, it's exactly that kind of something that lands Athena, Apollo, Ares and the adopted Aphrodite into a lot of trouble. They don't seem to understand or care that they can't just do whatever they want--they have to keep humanity in mind with every move them make. But of course, the four of them argue with their father as any teenager would, trying to justify their actions but in reality only increasing their arrogance in their father's eyes. Finally, Zeus has enough; if his children can't see past their own ignorance then they'll just have to experience it for themselves.

So he banishes all four gods from Olympus to Earth and seals each inside a human teenage body. If they can survive as human teenagers in the human world for one year, then they are allowed to come back. If, however, they reveal their true nature or even THINK about executing their godly powers in front of others, then they'll be permanently stripped of their powers and be trapped on Earth forever.

But it won't be THAT easy: a god in a human body still affects the world around them--including fellow humans/classmates. And even so, they can't use that much OF their power, because it will deteriorate their human life force. But little things--like Athena's incredible booksmarts, Apollo's exceptional musical ability, Aphrodite's immediate popularity and ares almost uncanny knack for violence--ARE noticed. And so are their eyes. Despite now being human, each still posess the gods' eye color: gold.

Sadly I don't have much in depth plot, nor am I eevn sure the story will take place in a one year time-span. It may be more.

I do know that several other gods will pop up from time to time--Posiedon for one, as well as Apollo's taunting twin sister, Artemis, and Athena's friend Hephaestus. I'd also love to play with romance--both between some of the gods as well as with their human classmates, and some sort of giant conflict at the end....

A bit about the four protagonists:

Athena is the ‘leader’ of the group, though she does occasionally become wrapped up in her human self/life. She’s the one who usually keeps the group together, to remind them not to grow too attached to their humanity: they ARE Greek gods. Unsure if she will have a romantic relationship with a human student. She sees herself as Zeus’ favorite, and as such, feels very guilty about her punishment—she follows the restrictions he set the most in hopes of making it up to him. Maybe also has close friendship with Hephaestus? Might pair her with Hephaestus at the end of the story.

Apollo is the most emotionally sensitive of the group. Clean-shaven, he possesses a boyish charm, as well as boyish fears. He is the one who struggles with his identity the most: is he human or god? Is he an artist or an athlete? At one point, his twin sister Artemis comes to Earth simply to spite him—they don’t usually get along. Artemis is allowed to come to Earth more often, as she is the goddess of the hunt, which she holds over Apollo’s head.

Ares is the boastful, violent one. He acts like he doesn’t care about his sentence, and he doesn’t really. He does have a problem with his father though: he dislikes how Zeus believes the reason for his punishment to be solely his fault. As such, he makes his human sentence more difficult on Zeus—getting in trouble again and again, until Zeus threatens to strip him from his power permanently. Throughout his sentence, however, he develops feelings for Aphrodite, which complicates things.

Aphrodite is a bit of an airhead—cares a little too much about her appearance. However, the fact that everyone in the school believes her to be a teen model doesn’t help. She has the boys eating right out of her hand, which irritates her sister Athena, as they are trying to keep a low profile. On earth, Aphrodite lavishes in the attention of the human males, because she is away from Hephaestus, whom Zeus arranged for her to marry. She is Zeus and Hera’s step-daughter. However, she too, finds herself falling for Ares, though she does not admit it, as he is dirty, dangerous, and a troublemaker.

I really want to do more with this idea.....I just don't know what yet.

And no. This was not inspired by the "Percy Jackson" series.

Royal Flush (c) Me
Percy Jackson (c) Rick Riorden
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