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Oh Foxes. The ONE kind of canine, next to the wolf, that you sadly can't love without people throwing the accusation at you that you are a furry, a furfag, an -aboo or, if you mean its associated mythological demon, a -utard (hint, a popular Japanese anime). Nevertheless, they are one of my favourite animals (Fennecs and artic foxes especially). I especially am very fond of their multi-tailed mythological counterparts- the Japanese kitsune, the Chinese hu-li Jing and even the menacing liver eating Gumiho from Korean folklore.

Here however, is my list of favourite fictional foxes. And Yes I love a lot of them, and while I'm a HUGE fan of kitsune etc. I'm trying to limit my number of anime-associated foxes down to only my very favourite ones on this list (so the ones from western animation etc can have more spaces too). That way, it won't seem like a weeaboo list.

Ok, here we go:

10. Mr Todd (Peter Rabbit stories by Beatrix Potter)
Being the villian of several Beatrix Potter tales (ESPECIALLY the ones focusing on the flopsy bunnies, Peter and Jemima Puddle Duck), this sly gentleman of a fox pretty much represents the stranger that seems nice, but is actually a predator whos finding ways to get his lunch- meaning the heros of the story. And yes, being the cunning guy he is, he almost succeeds in getting his prey (a notable one being Jemima and her eggs) but like most villians, luck is always on the good guys' side (in Jemima's case, 2 foxhound puppies)- and he has to flee.

9. Basil Brush
BOOM BOOM! This famous cheeky puppet fox has been a favourite in the UK for many many years. He's charming, hilarious, fiesty and In the older shows though, his humour was said to be a bit more racy.....but anyways if any of you haven't heard of him, here's an episode of one of his recent shows to check him out XD…

8. The Fox from Tex Avery's Outfoxed
Appearing in one Droopy Dog Cartoon by the famous Tex Avery, this hilarious dry-humoured British fox (named Reginald) is one who CONSTANTLY outsmarts his captors (a group of fox hounds, one of them being Droopy)- and with style (take note of the bricks-dropping scene *posh voice* one, two thrrrrrree, four* XD)- kinda like a more posh and gentlemanly Bugs Bunny.
heres the short if you are curious to see this fox in action:…

7. Sebastien the Fox (Meet the Feebles)
One of the Earlier films by Peter Jackson, this VERY vulgar movie I actually kinda like in some ways. I CAN stomach gore as well as crude humour (hey I sometimes watch South Park!) but sometimes it gets a BIIIIIIIT too much its unsettling. This film however, has hilarious moments- and even catchy songs (garden of love and one leg missing being my favourites). Sebastien is the manager of the 'Feebles Variety hour' show and is very........flamboyant to say the least. Dressing in sparkly outfits, speaking with a slightly feminine kind of voice.....buuuuut the one thing that I dunno whether to say whether he sold it for me or made me feel WTF.....but all in all kinda laughed.....was his song about 'Sodomy'. Good LORD the IMAGERY to go with it. (look it up on YT I DARE YOU) but thankfully, he wasn't eliminated by Trevor the Rat or a Rampaging Heidi Hippo during the climax LOL

6. Vulpix, Ninetales, Eevee, its fox-like eeveelutions (not all are fox like though), Zorua, Zoroark, Fennekin and its evos (All pokemon games)
MAN, it was HARD Seeing as I had to LIMIT my Anime-related fox choices. but since I LOVE them all in various ways, I thought, SCRATCH THAT- put them all in this spot. and I do love them all for different reasons:
-The Vulpix line represent the Myobuu (or somewhat benelovent) side to the kitsune- and Ninetales was the first kyuubi I ever saw as a kid (the second one being ANOTHER mon-related fox on the list). Zoroark and its pre-evo represent the Nogitsune or the 'dark' side to kitsune- which includes the shapeshifting powers.
And Alright, yes I'm guilty of loving eevee and all its evolutions. <3 And Fennekin and its evos (INCLUDING Delphox) are my favourite fire starters of all time.

5. Sir Didymus (Labyrinth)
Much like the rest of the non-human/muppet/puppet cast of Labyrinth, Sir Didymus is fairly underrated (ESPECIALLY since many of the fangirls are too busy drooling over Jareth's outer beauty or too busy with the SarahxJareth shipping *rolls eyes* Look, I like Jareth because he's a cool VILLIAN and the fact David Bowie plays him well, but that's for some other time.) But anyways, back to Sir Didymus, who is my FAVOURITE character in the film (besides Ludo and Hoggle). What do I love about this crazy little fox guy? Apart from the fact he rides his trusty Ambrosius (his dog that resembles Sarah's in the real world) I think he's absolutely adorable and funny and fiesty and will fight to the end- especially for those he is loyal towards
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