Plus2 Picture

This is the line work for a commission that the client has abandoned. They're three comedians specializing in nerd humor. The one guy on right is a redesign/redraw of a drawing they had another artist draw; they just sent me the other artist's drawing- not the name or the site for his/her portfolio. If you're that artist or you know who he/she is, please let me know.

Anyway, I liked where this was heading and wanted to share the finished product with you, but I'm unwilling to finish it without the client's follow through, so here's the line work that I was rather enjoying. GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! The client has re-kindled the commission and now I'll probably be submitting a fully shaded version. Here's the current colored version. ( line work here: [link] )

I don't draw males for my own enjoyment too often, so I figured they make a nice addition to the portfolio.

EDIT, clarification: None of these guys are from one specific show, movie, comic or thing. It's a drawing of each one of the members of the troupe that commissioned the drawing, dressed as, holding, using, or wearing references to their specific nerd culture specialties. First guy is entirely my design, and he's big into Thor (comics, movie, and the actual mythology- this the hammer and tattoo), D&D (the dice), and Star Wars (Boba Fett/Mandalorian Logo). Middle guy is entirely my design and he wears the Power Glove, the Aperture logo from Portal, a Pro-Wrestling title belt, and the Batarangs because he's mostly devoted to those nerd culture staples. Third guy wears some iteration (and re-imagining of) the Megaman Arm Cannon, the Transformers logo, and a revised version of Cloud's buster sword. Which are all references to things he's into. They're not existing characters from any source material, just references to things. The guy on the end is just a redesign of a drawing by another artist, equally as un-famous as myself, who the client never linked me to. It's really just using the basic pose that he used (because we were both told to include the same things for each of the guys in the drawing, but the other artist never did more than the one guy), because the client wanted that. I just don't know the person who came up with that pose for that one guy on the end, so I don't know who to credit with it.
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