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- Name: Professor

- Age: 48

- Gender: Male

- Height/Weight: 6'3" / 193lb (i'll change the weight in the app when I'm able to)

- Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusets

Nicholas Kernkamp
& Daniel Gray

- Inventory: Pistol, Small knife, Small can of salt, Matches

- Vehicle: Black Ford Mustang 66 Coupe

- Personality:

The Professor goes about with an air of cool intellect, observing the world with a measured and exact thought process. To most he can appear severe, his attitude coming across as cold and calculating. But to put simply, the man is one to observe, taking the time to think things through before coming to any sort of decision whether it be a course of action or his word choices. Possessed of amazing patience
, he is not one to rush in or give into unbridled emotion. While he has no problem helping others in need, he will do what is necessary to get the job done even if it means putting another in danger to do so. While he can be harsh in his nature, he has a true respect for those able to fend for themselves and is more likely to show his admiration through sarcastic banter.

- History:

Raised by a well to do family, Liam lived a comfortable life style, growing up amongst the old buildings that littered his home town. Full of such rich history, the city was filled with urban legends, sparking the young boy's interest in ghost stories from an early age. Often he and his childhood friends would explore abandoned houses, and sneak into historic buildings after hours. It was always a contest of fear, seeing who could outlast the others and be the last one to leave the supposedly haunted sites. But soon such games were not enough for the young Liam as he took a greater interest in the occult, collecting books that went beyond just ghost stories and introduced him to other nightmarish creatures.

Upon entering highschool, Liam began to do experiments, testing the boundaries between this world and the one beyond it. He became obsessed with the idea of contacting the dead and proving the existence of ghosts, the thought driving him to spend hours using a Ouija board in the attempt to get a response. To his growing dismay his results were skeptical and for a time he became disinterested, putting the board aside and focusing on his school work. While he continued to read on about the many different monsters of the world it became a more passive hobby.

Excelling in knowledge of cultures and their mythologies, Liam pursued his degree in anthropology at the University of Boston, focusing his studies on ancient cultures. There had always been rumors and old stories about the school, random disappearances and strange noises during the late hours, but never had they seemed to be of much substance until a fellow classmate turned up dead. Liam, of course, could not help but be interested by the thought of supernatural phenomena and try as he might he was once again pulled into that dark world.

It wasn't until more bodies began to turn up that Liam began to think something was amiss. All of the victims came from different backgrounds and had little to nothing in common aside from two things; all were male students and all had checked out a book from the college library shortly before their deaths. Finding this odd, Liam decided to investigate the library on his own, his curiosity getting the better of him. At first all seemed normal until a figure moved along the shelves of the library. With sudden force he was thrown back against the wall, the visage of a woman flickering into existence before him. Managing to escape from the specter, who was unable to leave the confines of the library, Liam reveled in his discovery. Though fearful of the dead woman he couldn't help but marvel at her existence. Soon, however, the excitement faded away as Liam was faced with the reality of the situation, knowing she would have to be stopped before she killed anyone else. Delving into research once more it was soon uncovered that the library grounds had once been the home of Maria Tennor, the woman brutally beaten to death by her husband. Going back on his knowledge of ghosts, Liam knew that there was only one way to put the poor woman to rest. After finding the location of Maria's grave he salted and burned the body. Elation filled him as he stood watching the corpse burn and knowing that he had put an end to the ghost's wrath. It was then that he knew his true calling.

Continuing on with his schooling, Liam gained his master's degree and later his doctorate in Anthropology along with a masters in Religious Studies, acquiring a teaching position at the college upon graduation. What time he didn't spend at the school he devoted to hunting down ghosts, later moving on to demons and other foul creatures as he came upon them. It was on one such hunt many years later, that he came across Nicholas, a student in his class who's mother and sister became possessed by demons. The situation ended badly for the pair, but the Professor gained an unlikely assistant in Nicholas, taking the boy under his wing so that he might teach him all he knew.

- Likes:
-finishing a job
-early morning

- Dislikes:
-the uneducated
-rash decisions

- Extra:
-has a close relationship with his sister though not with his brother
-he has been in several relationships, but was never married
-due to an injury he can't feel pain in his left hand
-he's basically Professor Oak, but has a shit ton of info on monsters instead of pokemon

- Current Earnings: $45

- Rp Snippet: [Prompt 3]
You've been tracking a nest of Vampires for a while now, only to find that they aren't attacking humans. How do you approach the situation?

It was strange to watch them act so normal, though strange in this line of work was hardly anything new. There was usually never any time to sit around and wonder on a course of action when there was a monster attempting to rip your head off, but this case was different. Daniel seemed keen on killing all the bloodsuckers despite their lack of killing and Nicholas was dead set against the idea strictly on the principal that it was what Daniel wanted. With a slight raise of his brow the older man watched the pair knowing the decision lay with him as it typically did. "We won't attack them" he stated, illiciting a grumble of complaint from Daniel, the boy about to give a retort before he continued. "for now at least. It isn't often that a nest is this calm and if we storm in now and kill them off we could be wasting the chance to gather valuable information." Observing was a talent his two young companions seemed to lack, but it was clear in his mind that the best way to defeat an enemy was to know all the cards they held.

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