Warframe: Oberon (A.K.A. ''Herne''/ Silas) Picture

My fifteenth Warframe, the Oberon. Hardly anything is known about this Tenno. Not even the enemy knows much about him. During a heavy battle out in a forest, he simply appeared in mid-fight, took down many enemies, and then was gone. The other tenno thought it might be an apparition or trick to fool them. Seraphina, ignoring their protests, went off to find out what was going on. She found the Oberon, who seemed wary of her, and not sure who or what she was. After convincing him to come back, the others finally settled down. Because of their uncertainty, and him not knowing his name, they gave him the name of "Herne", an ancient name for a god of hunting. Seraphina, however, gave him a more satisfactory name of Silas, basing it off a shortened version of Silvanus, a name meaning "from the forest". He responds to either "Herne" or Silas, but takes the former name in a more serious way.

"Herne" uses smite when at close range, or in a tight pinch, but also favors Reckoning, preferring the raising and slamming of his enemies from and to the ground, rather than kill and hope a projectile kills other enemies. But even with his fury at the enemy, he is soft hearted towards his companions, using Renewal whenever his fellows need it most.

He protects his new family fiercely, detesting and furious at any that would harm them. A fierce warrior, he will let nothing stop him. As family, though, he is as gentle as the deer his warframe appears as. His soft spot lies in his close tie to Ember.

(So yea, this took a long time, since I was trying to find a decent name for him. XD It was nice though, because I had to figure out who likes who these days. I need to do stories on my warframes. XD)

(AND for information on how I got his name, this may help a bit. I got it from 20000-names.com:
SILAS (Σίλας): Contracted form of Greek Silouanos, meaning "from the forest." In the bible, this is the name of a companion of Saint Paul.
SILVANUS: Latin form of Greek Silouanos, meaning "from the forest." In Roman mythology, this is the name of a god of forests. In the bible, this is the name of a companion of Saint Paul.

(and a little note abut the Herne reference, though I remembered it in a book I'd read)


(*note* There was a change in the background during this update ^_^)

Disclaimer: I do not own Warframe, but I own my characters from it. Warframe is an awesome, free, online game. I encourage anyone to cheer on the team behind it for their efforts and successes. Thank you, creators of Warframe.
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