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Name: Cecil Iris
age: 19
Personality: He normally acts really bratty, despite being an adult for all intents and purposes. He's usually really joyful and excitable, however he's also kind of a cry baby. Still, he's pretty attention seeking, flamboyant. and flashy in his looks and how he talks to people. (his design is literally all just an 'all eyes on me! im an attention seeker!' pun and its terrible.) also. hes gonna be making a bunch of bad puns that are so unfunny it's stuipid
Likes: tea, coffee, milk, biscuits, flowers & nature, plays and acting, singing.
dislikes: lemons, animals, his unibrow....
class: Middle i suppose
Short bio: When he was a kid he was a little trickster alike all other alps. However, he took a greater joy framing others for his misdeeds and his acting got better as he was being a brat. Eventually he took interest in theater. Yup.
fun fact: He's actually a real good singer, so he often takes part in musicals. Though, due to his unmanly appearance and voice he's often casted into female rolls so he takes no issue in enjoying/doing feminine things. To him it isn't at all shameful. Hense how girly he is uvu;;
Though he identifies as male he takes no issue with people thinking/mistaking/calling him a female.

preferred method of rping: notes, skype (Razi_ag) , google docs, email. Ask about other methods.

If you want to read about alps click "… . If you'd like me to gave a quick write up on them just ask! They're my favorite mythological creatures ever and I know a bunch about them so feel free to send any inquiries my way. Given theyre shape shifters and can be like.. super fuzzy-wuzzy or they have a 'human form' and the only way you can tell theyre an alp is by a unibrow. I just kinda went somewhere in between
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