My Top 10 Characters With Scottish/Irish Accents Picture

Yeah, not entirely sure how kosher this is, and some of you will probably disagree with my interpretation of a character's accent, but, I'm on a DuckTales binge, and I need an outlet. And, as a final precaution, I tried to stick to one role per actor.

10. Davy Jones (POTC: Dead Man's Chest)- Alright, let's get the potential cheat out of the way early. I guess this is what happens when Bill Nighy tries to do an accent outside his own, and honestly, you can't really discern what part of the Isles it's from, but I hear some Scottish inflections like when he screams "DAMN YOU, JACK SPARROW!". I'm only counting him from number II because that's where all his badassery was. From when his introduction with "do you fear death" to his bellow of utter rage... only to be ruined in the third movie.

9. King Fergus (Brave)- In a film full of Scots, he shines brightest. Billy Connolly's recent role as the good king Fergus is memorable for just how much fun he was. I'm guessing Connolly is one of those actors that just has so much fun with his roles. He just owns every scene he's in, honestly, I wish the film had been about him, and not his daughter and wife. Seriously, I want a sequel, titled "The Adventures of King Fergus", with him battling mythological beasts with a band of merry men!

8. The Scotsman (Samurai Jack)- Goku has Vegeta, Ash has Gary, Yugi has Kaiba, Jack has... a one legged Scottish stereotype voiced by Bender... huh. Yeah, weird pick for the Samurai's rival, but, he's a good, larger than life character with plenty of charisma, and is the perfect opposite of Jack, being loud and bombastic , versus Jack's quiet demeanor and subtlety.

7. Atlas (Bioshock)- While essentially a character within a character, I do really like Atlas. Hell, even going into the game knowing full well what was going to happen, I still felt betrayed. Atlas is just so likable, I can only imagine how heart-wrenching it must have been for players when the game first came out. Still reeling from Ryan's speech, only to find out he's the criminal responsible for your programming, just awful. But, back to who Atlas was allegedly, he's a kind, hard working man trying to keep you alive in this hellish dystopia. I doubt anyone would have cared if he didn't turn out to be the bad guy, some might even prefer it. But, those few hours with him were good enough where we'll always remember him.

6. Uncle Monty (A Series Of Unfortunate Events)- Ok, so I'm breaking my rule about same actor with this one, but damnit, I don't care. Monty is a kind loving man, and is perhaps the only adult worth keeping alive in the entire film, only to be poisoned by Olaf towards the halfway point of the movie. While I think the film makers kind of effed up, mixing up Olaf's disguise with Monty (they were reversed for some reason), I don't think the role of kindly doctor could have been filled up better. The theme of the series is dark comedy, but for just a flicker, we saw some light in this dark series of unfortunate events.

5. Draco (Dragonheart)- Yeah, Sean Connery was bound to be on here somewhere. So why not one of his other roles? He doesn't use his accent as James Bond, and the only other roles I've seen him in to a great extent are in Zardos (CRAP), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (OK), and The Rock (Good). So what has this role got the others don't? Sean Connery is a fucking DRAGON! He does bring both drama and comedy to the role, playing him as a tragic figure, a wise man, and a snarky rogue. His death plays up the melodrama, but we eat it up, because we just like him so much.

4. Father Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)- Meet the most bipolar priest in the Vatican. He is a kind guardian, looking out for the children of the orphanage he runs, and a blood thirsty psychopath, who'll kill undead, non-Catholics, and anything else that gets in his way... just like the real Vatican.

3. Scotty (Star Trek & Star Trek: Into Darkness)- Yes, I'm going with Simon Pegg over the original actor. Why? Because it's Simon Pegg! He's one of the most charming guys in cinema. Although, his Scotty voice is a lot deeper than his normal voice. Unlike the original, however, he doesn't just provide comic relief (although, he's still 90% humor). That look when Kirk is dying is actually very distraught. Why Kirk couldn't just stay dead is beyond me, separate it even more from the original universe, break boundaries, experiment, don't just rehash the ending of Wrath of Khan.

2. Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales... WOO HOO)- Yeah, yeah, all the rest of those characters and their actors and I put a Disney Toon in front of them, well, it's my list. I find it hilarious that Disney didn't want an existing character to be associated with Ebeneezer Scrooge, so they made their own, only to have him become his own character entirely. Scrooge is shown, of course, as the miserly curmudgeon with a heart of gold, and a Scottish lilt that's surprisingly soft on the ears. He doesn't really ever grow as a character, but he loves his family and friends which is more than can be said for his modern counterpart, Eugene Krabs (FUCK YOU SPONGEBOB!)

1. Sheogorath (Elder Scrolls Series)- Yes, I've voiced my love for him time and again, this god of madness. He was one of the first characters I ever had prolonged interactions with, as I hadn't done any of the quest-lines when I first let temptation guide me to the shivering isles. I was worried he'd be replaced by Jyggylag in Skyrim, but he makes a triumphant return and is surprisingly snarkier, but that could be because it's the champion of Cyrodil, instead of the OG prince of madness.

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