Chibi Thor Picture


Lil chibi test doodle thing. Feedback appreciated, dunno if this is coolweird or lameweird XD Changed him a lot from his beta design made back when I had the idea all gods had Loki's blank eyes. (They really don't work for anyone else..) Aside from eyes and stuff I mostly just changed his figure from 'really bad attempt at a superman style meat blob' to 'more cartoony popeye-style muscular'.

Yes he's meant to be derpy* eyed. They sorta randomly revolve around and don't focus on the same thing unless he's in Super Serious Concentration Mode. (usually in battle, occasionally when reading the instructions on washing powder) They're super sunken into his head (you can only see his irises cos theys glowy) and messed up like this cos he got a rock smashed into his brain and never took it out
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