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First drawing has nothing to do with anything except for that I was listening to "The Akara" by Beirut, which is...well, one of my favourite songs. Ever. Yeah. It's just so good. Yeah.

Second drawing are two semi-old characters from a few years ago. They are two demons. I redrew them a while ago. These drawings are all fairly...old. Not really, but like, last month.

Then there is a drawing of Cypress. Whee. Below him is Souke. The song "Cliquot" is always with him, sheesh!! More Beirut. It reminds me of him in odd ways, even though it has nothing to do with...things...I don't know.

Next to Souke is a drawing of Cypress and another new child of mine, Apollo. They are all loosely based off mythological figures. Mainly Greek/Roman, but also Egyptian, Latin, and some Norse. I don't know. In Greek mythology Cyparissus (Cypress) was loved by Apollo. So there's that. When they first met, Cypress was pretty nice and innocent. Now he's just pissed off most of the time because he has a love/hate thing for Apollo. Then there's Hyacinthus...another love of Apollo. His two main loves, really. Yeeeeeeeaaaaahh.

The very bottom is from my current novel I am writing. The two characters are Milo and Corvus. In the background are Candra and Elat. It''s a long story. Corvus has been watching Milo for most of his entire live from Corvus's own planet. Milo lived on Earth. Corvus, from watching Milo for so long, developed an admiration/crush/whatever the hell you want to call it on Milo.
Candra and Elat (two of which are extremely old species I made up, but new characters) know about this, since they've known Corvus for a while, and they usually write fanfiction about Milo and Corvus. Because they're like that. Elat, as an artist, draws erotic art of the two. Weird stuff, ehhh?? So then this happened. Fortunately Corvus hasn't an idea what mistletoe is to the relief of Milo. Part of Elat's text got cut off. It says: "I suppose I did not think it all through enough."

THAT IS WHAT has been GOING ON. They have all been pestering me for quite a while, sorry for the late introduction.

They all belong to me.
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