Calypso Picture


Consignor: Triple Birch Farm
Registered Name: Calypso
Barn Name: Callie
Gender: Mare (Pregnant by Bodemeister)
Height: 16.1 hh
Phenotype: Rose Gray
Genotype: Ee/AA/Gg
Intelligence: 91
Temperament: Although occasionally moody this mare is all in all an easy, pleasant animal to be around. In her racing days she was known to be a steadfast, hardworking beast although prone to temper tantrums when things didn't go her way. This was especially notable after she lost a race, a fact that made her a highly competitive, eager-to-win animal. Since she's retired that aspect of her personality has tempered out considerably, although it has led her to be the 'boss' mare in all herd situations.

Starts/Wins: 27: 20-4-1
Earnings: $2,922,000
Distance: 9 furlongs

@2 - Maiden win at Belmont 6f, GII Adirondack Stakes 6.5f, GII Demoiselle Stakes 9f
@3 - GIII Rachel Alexandra Stakes 8.5f, GIII Arlington Oaks 9f, GIII Monmouth Oaks 8.5f, GIII Comely Stakes 9f
@4 - Ladies Handicap 9f dirt, GII Top Flight Handicap 9f dirt, GII Gazelle 9f dirt, GIII Arlington Matron Stakes 9f dirt, GII Shuvee 9f dirt
@5 - Allowance 9f at Belmont, Lighthouse Stakes 8.5f dirt, GII Molly Pitcher Stakes 8.5f dirt, GI Spinster Stakes 10f dirt
@6 - GII Top Flight Handicap 9f dirt, GII Ruffian Handicap 8f dirt, GI Ogden Phipps Handicap 8.5f dirt, GI Beldame Invitational 9f dirt


Calypso(El Prado x Ophidian by Ogygian) x Bodemeister = Vaalbara(AKA Valerie), filly, graying bay
Vaalbara is the Earth's theorized first supercontinent. Ogygia is associated with the Ogygian deluge and with the mythological figure Ogyges, in the sense that the word Ogygian means "primeval", "primal", and "at earliest dawn", which would suggest that Homer's Ogygia was a primeval island. Primeval island, first supercontinent, yeah. Plus it sounds kickass as a bonus.
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