2014 Picture

2014 was probably my most productive year on the site.

January: fav.me/d72tqay
The year started with stories mostly, not good ones. January was a slow month.

February: fav.me/d76n8n7
February was when I really got into making NSFW content, I mostly uploaded random pictures of Natalie. I also tried my luck with a tumblr blog, with little success.

March: fav.me/d7a4jbx
I made my third OC, Leona, a huntress in the world of Finnish mythology. Her background story is just something I threw together in ten minutes. I also continued making mature pictures, now with two girls.

April: fav.me/d7er1fs
Leona got a horse, I made the "lost horseman", and started thinking up ideas for a story that fits into the Kalevala lore.

May: fav.me/d7grhdl
May was mostly about guns. I figured out how to convert models from STALKER, and rigged numerous pistols, rifles and shotguns. I started experimenting with firearm poses at the same time.

June: fav.me/d7lf2z7
Nothing interesting in particular. I was still obsessed with Attack on Titan and Norse mythology, and the combination of the two resulted in an interesting picture.

July: fav.me/d7ru65g
July was a major milestone.
I made my first clothes for MMD, a jacket and a pair of gloves. This was probably my largest achievement of the year.
I made my fourth main OC, Xenia Nikolayevna Volkov, a girl born in Pripyat. She was inspired by my constant obsession with Chernobyl. Soon after that, I wrote her biography, my best piece of literature.

August: fav.me/d7t4uy3
I continued making clothes and an armour set, and made my fifth OC, Raymond "Locksmith" Smith, an American outlaw, currently living in Odessa, Ukraine.

September: fav.me/d7z24k3
That month was devoted to my Finnish story. Several stages were made in a medieval style.

October: fav.me/d82qbdg
Xenia, and Kvishla's OC, Xylia made an incursion to the Chernobyl Zone. It resulted in several great pictures.

November: fav.me/d856o2r
November was a busy month at school, but I managed to make some outstandingly popular pictures and downloads, like the lanterns.

December: fav.me/d86au9j
Major victories, losses, and milestones.
I applied to a driving school, made lots of friends, improved my Math grades while failing some History tests, I became a lot more outgoing, started drawing on paper...

And here I am, writing this summary. I took an undue break from my studies and dA to relax, but I'll get back to them soon. 2015 will possibly be the greatest challenge of my entire life. But while expecting the worst, let's all hope for the best. Here's to the end of a great year, and to the beginning of an even better one!

Full size (a little mature content): sta.sh/01ecneo26d39
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