Ikara Picture

Here's Mystigirl's giant monster form . . . Giant Mach Monster Ikara! (マッハ大怪獣 イカラ - Mahha Daikaijuu Ikara)

Ikara is the Mothra to Rekira's Godzilla. This scientifically-created creature is named after the mythological Greek figure, Ikaros (or "Icarus", if you will), and is part rabbit and part phoenix. Colored like the sky, with glistening, golden talons, she flies at Mach 5, and is the swiftest creature on Earth!

Ikara went through about as many changes as Rekira did. Originally, she was going to just be a phoenix (colored red to counterpart with Rekira's original green color). Since I made Rekira stand out by merging an Oriental dragon with a dog, in about 2003, I figured I'd merge the Phoenix with another favorite animal of mine; A bunny! Yeah, some may think it's rather silly, but I'm proud of this one. I wanted to come up with SOMETHING cute (perhaps even attractive).
I gave this "rabbit" the same features as Rekira (eagle-like talons and a diamond in the forehead), but also a somewhat squirrel-like physique.


Height: 15 meters (50 feet) upright - at the skull line.
Weight: 500 tons (1 million pounds)
Weapons: Aura Beam, Esper Wave Beam (both shot from the Lepus Diamond), Wing Hurricane
Characteristics: Lepus Diamond (in her forehead), huge wings for ears, which fold back over her hide.
Abilities: Flight (Mach 5), strength, near-invulnerability (her fur/skin is very flexible). Although she can't travel too well in water, she consumes water to replenish her energy. She also has powerful teeth. Although primarily a quadrupedal monster, Ikara has the unlimited ability to stand on her hind legs.

Ikara is © John Paul Cassidy (me)
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