Team Fates Picture

So it took me a long time to figure out a name for Luna's team, and then I thought for a while, and I figured it out!

They're named the Fates because each of them have found a way to go against fate. Luna was never supposed to exist because Vegeta was never supposed to end up on Mobius, but he did anyway, and when Luna was stillborn, her mother brought her to life, so she's definitely gone against fate. Elisabeth wasn't supposed to live past her birth, but she's saved by the robotics that her adopted father created to keep her heart going. Amaya was never supposed to exist either, and she ended up being born to a fallen angel and a human, causing her to be a half angel.

So as you can see, they've each gone against fate, and so they call themselves the Fates (Also I think it's sounds awesome!...and it's Mythological
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