Amaranth [character sheet] Picture

Name: amaranth

Nicknames: ghost

Gender: male

Age: lost count of his age

Appearance: slim and tall but hides a lot of strength

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 190 pounds

Hair: long hair. sometimes worn in a low ponytail, other times just lose. straight hair.

Eyes: red eyes

Birthmarks/Tattoos/Scars, etc.: completly covered in scars under his clothes. he has a cursed mark on his back between his shoulder blades, which is an hourglass covered in thorns with black roses growing on it.

Flaws/Weaknesses/Issues/Problems:secretive, arrogant, cold, not a good listener to the ideas of other people, solitary, the amaranthine black rose, sucker for absinth, if he does get angry, he can get violent.

Personality: superiority complex, highly intelligent, distrustful, looks down on nearly everyone, can be empathetic for people who have suffered, not very emotional, a lot of patience.

Outfit/clothing preference: most wears victorian suits or tuxedo's. always wears polished shoes. sometimes wears a top hat. always has claw rings and a walking cane.

Hobbies: reading, chess, debates, making deals, auctions, collecting artifacts and relics.

Likes: intelligent people, fine wine, books and stories, flowers, beauty, arts, respect.

Dislikes: dumb people, hypocrites, "barbaric" people, self pity, people complaining.

"Not much is known about his background as he tends to keep to himself. He has no personal record, no identification, not a single file is being kept on him. Most people would turn a blind eye to him and nothing think of much when they see him. Yet upon a careful inspection there is more than meets the eye. The very first records of this being date back to the time of the Neanderthal, with cave drawings closely resembling what could fit his description. Throughout history there are many such records of this persona but all of them so far apart from each other that one tends to ignore the correlation. There are Greek mythologies about a tall white men in strange clothing roaming the earth. The romans have vases that depict a man with a tall hat and cane. The Viking have rune scriptures of a god that roamed the earth and would continue walking even after being struck down. There are medival sects worshipping a ghost-like diety with red eyes and a rose on his hat. Even to this day and age there are pictures, paintings and recordings of a similar build and shaped figure in te background. One could only conclude that…."

Andrew Kaiser. (2012)

This was the only journal page they could recover from his home after his disappearance. No one knows what happened to him of where he has gone. All they found was this page covered in blood and a wracked home.

First arrival: had actually settled in after the construction was finished before sister Forestine arrived.

Other info: has a sword cane, and claw rings. is a practitioner of rose magic.

catagory color: purple black

species: human- albino

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