Pony fursona Picture

Phoenix-Kat and I had a discussion about how my MLP self would look like.
I told her it would for sure be a black pony with fire colored hair.
Phoenix-Kat asked me because I make many taxidermy related things, what kind of cutie-mark I would chose.
I said it would be a canine scull with flames I guess.
And so here it is now.

I used a lineart bade made by *Lissy-Strata you can find here:

However, I am not really a MLP fan or something. I collected a couple of the figures and sold them on ebay by now which got me crazy because some of the buyers expected perfect ponies while the toys were 30 years old.
That got me the feeling why I left the fan group actually.

This guy here is an arabian stallion with wings actually.
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