Kaijuverse Doodles Picture

So I've been trying to figure out a setting for my kaijuverse. At first I was thinking of trying something based off Asian mythology but... well, I borrow from that too much, and a lot of other people use it as well. Plus, anything using eastern mythology in it is bound to garner a lot of attention from oblivious anime fans who think you're drawing fanart of Naruto characters or something. Still, I wanted to use a fantasy setting, with a fictional location and an emphasis on the supernatural. Everything kaiju-related that I've written, or tried to write, has been Sci-Fi, so I figured I'd give it a break. A lot of my monsters don't even work in a Sci-Fi setting anyway, so it was an easy change.
Anyways, before I did those Planet of the Dinosaurs doodles I did two pages of doodles for the kaijuverse, trying to set down some stuff for the human element. I scanned em and picked out the best of the bunch. Starting from top left corner,
1.) Tripods! Yes, Tripods! H.G. Wells was really onto a great idea when he created his three-legged Martian warmachines, but nobody else seems to have tried the idea themselves. Creative design is all about borrowing ideas and putting your own spin on them. Paying tribute to stuff, you know? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...so where's the flattery, people?!
Anyway, I thought giant (non-humanoid) robots would be a nice alternative to the usual military vehicles. Strolling past buildings, shooting lasers... if they were big enough, they could actually pose a threat. Military weapons that can harm giant monsters... lolwut?
I'll also throw in now that the machines here aren't really like the ones we use. They use a lot less metal, no high tech alloys, and I don't think they'd have many (or any?) plastics to use either. They don't run on electricity and havn't got engines, or cockpits or any of that. They're all unmanned and are magically animated by an internal energy core. I don't know what the energy is, but it's the main power source for these people. I'm thinking I might make it mana, just so Scython can mess with them.
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