Hetalia OCs: Istanbul, Izmir, Mugla Picture

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Place: İzmir
Gender: Female
Name: Alara Adnan
Height: 170 cm / 5’7”
Weight: 53 kg / 118 lbs
Age(by looks): 19
Birthday: 9 September (Not official birthday. It is her independence day)
Region: Ege, Turkey
Language(s): Turkish (She speaks a little different and relaxed dialect)
History: She was founded by Ancient Greece. She received her name “Σμύρνη” from her. But her mother figure was Lydia. Lydia burned some of her places but quickly replaced them. But soon Persia came and ruled her for some years. Roman Empire took care after her but he left her and ran away to İstanbul. She hosted Tzachas which made her first Turkish sailors and that made her develop a ship-love. But Seljuk Sultan killed Tzachas and she felt abonded. After being under the rule of Seljuks a person like Tzachas, Aydinids came and became her boss before offering her to become one with Russia Ottoman Empire. She accepted. In WW1, Greeks attacked her but people of Izmir successfully defended her and she still talks about her glory against Greeks.
Characteristic stuff: She is enjoyable and independent. She is hospitable like other Turkish cities and a little stubborn when it comes to make changes. There are two sides(Göztepe, Karşıyaka) who always fight in İzmir but when they’re together, she believes she can do anything. She is more relaxed and carefree than Istanbul. She is brave.
*Sea, Ships (Result of being an important port-city)
*Kumru (Collared Dove) [A food. It’s called ‘kumru’ only in İzmir. Kumru normally means Eurasian collared dove.]
*Vacation (she likes relaxing)
*Being told what to do
*People that call her pompous (I’ll explain that in facts)
*People that call her infidel or Greek
Ancient Greece: She was founded by her and she named her. She helped her build awesome places like Ephesus.
Lydia: Lydia was mother figure for Izmir. She helped her to improve her trading skills with Royal Road.
Turkey/Ottoman Empire: He is father figure of Izmir. They like each other and Turkey trusts Izmir because he knows her people are really brave.
Tzachas: He was the first father figure for him. He made her into an important port city which was first and she is still proud of it. He made first Turkic fleet in Izmir.
Istanbul: They get along well, even though Istanbul can be a smart-ass sometimes. They both have two sides and well educated. She likes to talk to her.
Antalya: They share interests and like to talk each other.
Other Anatolian Cities: She likes all her family.
Germany: He was ally of Turkey in WW1.
Hungary: She was ally of Turkey in WW1.
Aydinids: He made her join Ottoman Empire.
Italys: They’ve visited her port for trading and she wanted to get them know better.
Ancient Rome: He was like a light when he appeared, but he left her behind before she predicted which broke her heart. But she doesn’t blame Rome because he wasn’t as powerful as before when he left.
Greece & Greek Cities: When she sees them, she might joke about the war between them and yell “Yunanları denize döktük!!” which means “We dumped Greeks in sea!!” She gets offended when Greece still adduces that Izmir belongs to him. She was also mad at him when Turkey accepted to give her islands to Greece.
Seljuk: He made her join them but Seljuk Sultan Kılıç Arslan killed Çaka Bey which was his father in law. That’s why she was angry to him.

Çaka Bey: Founder of Tzachas. He was a wise man.
Hasan Tahsin: He was a reporter who was first to shot in Izmir. She and her people didn’t forget it and with this rage they cleared Izmir from Greeks.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: With a clever mind, he helped Ottoman Empire to become Turkey instead of being under rule of other countries. His wife was a wealthy girl from Izmir and he made Izmir a headquarters for Turkish Revolution.

Facts about her: Her watch(it is not a bracelet) symbolizes “Konak Square” which includes Izmir Watch Tower. She is called pretty by Turkish cities.(There is that thing called “İzmir’in kızları güzeldir” which means “Izmir’s girls are beautiful” so I think it’d be right for her to be pretty c: ) But sometimes some people call her pompous which she pretends to ignore but feel sad about it. But she’ll growl at you if you call her Greek, foreign or infidel. She is really good at her region’s folk dance “Harmandalı Zeybeği”.

Place: İstanbul(pronounced:Ee-stän-bul)
Gender: Female (because in poems, İstanbul is described as a young maiden of sea)
Name: Deniz Adnan (Deniz means sea :3)
(A.N: She had lots of names since she was in control of different countries, but it is her current name)
Height: 168 cm / 5’6”
Weight: 58,.. kg / 130 pound (I’m bad at calculating weight, so if it is like anorexic, please tell me)
Age(by looks): 18
Birthday: She doesn’t have an official birthday. She celebrates it in 11 December.
Region: Marmara, Turkey
Language(s): Turkish
History: A little young girl who was raised by Ancient Greece. She has grown up fast. She had been under Persia’s rule in Greco-Persian wars. When Byzantine obtained her, he named her Constantinople. During 1202, 4th Crusade happened but instead of attacking Jerusalem, they’ve attacked her.(Canons: Holy Roman Empire and France). Hungary, Bulgaria, Dalmatia and of course Byzantine protected her though it caused her and Byzantine become weaker. Byzantine lost a lot of land including most of Constantinople. She protected Byzantine in her rampart but in 1453, Ottoman Empire made a great war with a lot of unexpected moves, including usage of large canons and making ship go through the land. She was afraid that Ottoman Empire would kill her people but that didn’t happen and she once became someone else’s favourite city. Her name was changed first Konstantiniyye, then İslambul, than İstanbul. She became the capital of another empire. Ottoman gifted her with lots of palaces which made her grow a pride. In WW1, France and England attacked her but his brother Çanakkale made a great defence to protect her with a little support of Austria-Hungary and German Empire. When Ottoman Empire turned into Turkey, she was no longer a capital.
Characteristic stuff: She loves poetry and there are a lot of poems about her. She has an issue with pride because she has a very strategic place and she was capital most of her life. She likes looking good and shopping though she is not crazy about it. She has a rebellious personality.(#occupyGezi example). She loves history because she is a historic city.
*Dirty people
*People that are disrespectful to historical places and build shopping malls instead of those
Relations: A lot of events are hold in her (that sounded weird O_o) including Eurovision and Olympics. That’s why she sees most of nations but doesn’t have relations with all. ((UNLIKE MARY SUEEES))
Ancient Greece: She was with her when she was newly founded.
Byzantine: She looked at him like a father. She tried to protect him but she failed, she still gets sad about that event.
Turkey/Ottoman Empire: She is Turkey’s favourite even though he didn’t tell her that face to face. Turkey gifted her with lots of stuff and gave her tulips in her birthday. She loves him too but she is still mad at him for Fall of Byzantine. He is the new big bro figure for her.
Other Anatolian Cities: Obviously.
Çanakkale(Name: Eren): Her loving brother, which protected her in Gallipoli War. He sacrificed lots of things because he didn’t want her to get hurt again. That war saved her and Turkey but caused WW1 to be 2 years longer and caused Bolsheviks in Russia.
Hungary: Hungary supported her in 4th Crusade and WW1, which made her develop a friendship.
New Zealand & Australia: In Gallipoli War, NZ and Australia were there too but that war helped them to be aware of they were nations too, not England’s soldiers. She was pleased that how they respected her brother, she visits the grave of NZ and Aus soldiers every year.
Germany: Though he is the reason why Turkey entered WW1, she is pleased that he supported Turkey and her. He also helped her people to find jobs. (Though it was in his advantadge)
Japan: She got to know him better in 2010, Japan year in Turkey.
Austria: He supported her in some wars.
Greece: Although he doesn’t get along with Turkey, he is ok with Istanbul because she was raised by his uncle and mother. Also he visits Istanbul sometimes because of Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Russia: He wanted her Bosporus because he wanted to conquer Mediterranean too. Their relations are ok now.
(A.N: Bosporus is ‘Boğaz’ in Turkish and boğaz also means throat. So Russia wanted her throat?!?! D: - Naming throat is better than naming nations’ genitals... Pfft)
France & England: They invaded Turkey.
Constantine l: He gave her the name ‘Constantinople’ which meant ‘City of Constantine’.
Mythologic part
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