I Cannot Go on Without Doodles! Picture

Doodles! That are in no particular order but is not limited to single drabbles—comics are included. But let’s just say that the topmost images are the most recent and the others not so much via monthly standards.

These would include my freakingly impressive (by my standards) doodles that always seem to invade my notes and just drawings in general on binder paper whenever I get bored in class. The doodles in my planner I personally don’t like but I can’t stand looking at my own text without at least one image. (At this rate, I may end up like Masa.) So let’s get started!

In the top left-hand corner is a tiny widdle Mytho from Princess Tutu looking nonplussed. During the time I drew this was when I had finished the series with my brother and school was approaching. In my schedule book I had to read “Mythology” but since the damn thing was formatted so badly leaving virtually no space to actually write on, I condensed the title to read “Mytho.” Realization dawned and this doodle followed.

Lolo on the top right corner is from last week’s entry and it was nice to see a face smiling back at you before you got down to business. (This week I don’t have any pictures because of the depressing amount of benchmarks written.)

Now here’s a funny story; I easily get amused when I read the content on English worksheets. The sentences can range from sounding like it was written by a second-grader (Because I don’t know, the editors were just lazy or running out of ideas?) or just plain silly coincidences. This was one of the many coincidences. The sentence read; “With her father in the military, Charlotte learned to adjust to new situations.” to where I replied with “Yeah—become a Puella Magi!” I’m a terrible person. I know.

On a semi-related note, there was another sentence with the name “Maureen” to which I would’ve spat out my drink if I had any.

Have you ever started drawing something, erased it, looked at the pencil imprint on the paper, find a new figure from those remnants, and redraw a completely new decent picture? No? I have—and this Yggdra is one. I was doodling Marin in history class since my teacher tends to drone and speak off-subject and failed epically at it. I erased it to prevent eyesore and spotted an unusual curve remaining. I thought to myself, “Hey, this looks like a cheek…Add an eye there make this the shape of the hair…” And the rest is now history. (Pun not intended.) Also, feel free to ignore that side note—I watched a YU let’s play on YouTube a few months ago and the guy made it quite [humorously] clear that Yggdra is a bad leader. So I wrote that in the sense for a lack of a better caption. I still like her though.

NOW THIS BABY A DREW TODAY. For some reason Phantom Renegade is invading my mind and my notes and is overloading me with the most bizarre feels. I never gave this series or character much thought but now…




In this doodle I drew the mask first, and proceeded to do the neck and hair. Not having ever drawn Henry, I attempted his face and it came out /way/ better than expected, so I inked it because it was without reference and it fit with the rest of the angles and proportions perfectly. Ok, ok, his hair a a bit long but that’s because it was to the ratio of the mask.

One more Phantom and three Brigadoon drabbles all drawn from memory without actually referencing it. Having watched Brigadoon at least 5 times starts to wane on you and you’ll start seeing things--meaning I would blink and see Erin's face teh horror. I had never ever thought I would doodle the Nepon monomakia or Skiar for that matter, either. Also I drew this during our reading break since my hand twitched with the uncontrollable message of “PICK UP YOUR PENCIL NOW!!”

More Brigadoon! This here would be my perception or at least what I would like to see if the characters in the anime met the ones in the manga. I would /SO/ eat popcorn to that because they’re so drastically different!;;;;;; Granted that the two Melans are fairly different too, but not a starkly obvious as the others. Also c'mon i can't draw him that easily.


Now this is a comic that was drawn when I registered for Pottermore and I was sorted in Ravenclaw. A whole pile of “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW YEEEAAAAAAAHHHH’s” ensued. I also managed to rope in my mom, dad, and my brother to register and we all got Ravenclaw except my mom who got Slytherin.

This explains so very much the depressing things I have been experiencing lately.

Aaaand this doodle sketch dump concludes with a rage comic drawn with a pen! Why I drew pikachu is anyone’s guess. And am I the only one with this problem? Anyways, I'll scrap this later when I'm cleaning. Also, yes, my handwriting is atrocious it does not bear repeating. V_V
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