Top 10 Hottest Animated Chicks NAMES REVEALED Picture

Ok, this was definitely funny! For the ones who missed this, I posted this list as a Journal Entry, and asked my watchers to guess each girl's name.
It was entertaining and again, pretty interesting for me. I'll explain it (as well as announcing the winner) below... now first of all: HERE COME THE GIRLS!

10) April O'Neal
TMNT animated series
First of all, this list is meant to put these female characters in order from the first one I've ever met, to the most recent one. April is not the older between these characters, but definitely the first I've ever noticed. I remember it well because... well, it was a pretty significant event for my sexual life and identity (yes, we're talking about cartoons, but things are definitely getting hot, so kids please go to bed and let adults alone XD).
This list represents the 10 "hottest" characters in my opinion... you know how passionate I can be, so it could never have been a list based on aesthetical reasons only. Of course these 10 chicks mean a lot to me.
April really signed the discovery of my sexuality. Her physical features as well as her tight yellow suit just stolen my attention away, and I was totally captured by her feminine aura and body... I dreamed about having such beautiful breasts (and somewhat I had my dreams fulfilled since years later I was struggling with the extreme size of my damn breasts that, trust a girl, you guys could NEVER imagine how uncomfortable and cumbersome they can be).
I just had contrasting feels with her, being both attracted by her, and both envious of her body (but I suppose being attracted to the same sex is a necessary feature of the childhood to somewhat "develope" a feminine or masculine identity by actually desiring someone to the point you want to be just like her/him). Definitely my first love!

9) Daisy Duck
Walt Disney
I've got two clear pictures in my mind, that somewhat my brain "saved" from remote and dusky childhood days: Daisy spraying perfume on herself from a bottle with a pump, and her getting outside from the shower wearing a towel on her head and a pair of flip flops.
To me, before you say "omg you're crazy she's a DUCK!!!", she was the true essence of femininity.
Long eyelids, big eyes, and even a round and plump booty... she was honestly a hottie and pretty much incarnated the essence of the flirty, coquette and frivolous woman I really grew up with in my mind. And come on... her signature color was PINK! Come on... I mean, PINK! XD
I really feel like I share a lot with her, her posture, her attitude, her vanity, her love for anything cute and feminine and... oh well, PINK!

8) Ranma Saotome
Ranma 1/2
The sexiest scene involving the female version of Ranma was definitely her sleeping with her shoulders and legs naked.
As much as April, this character was pretty significative in the discovery of my sexuality, but this time not for her feminine features. Yes she was a beautiful girl, and definitely the show hinted a lot with some half/naked scenes... but what turned me on the most here was, of course, the ambiguity. I think I'm not telling anything new by saying that her transformation was one of the most exciting and perturbing factors, and that she/he may have influenced the life of tons of kids XD (definitely not an anime for children, if you ask me!)

7) Lum (Lamù in Italy)
Urusei Yatsura
Strangely enough, she didn't appealed me for her body! I mean, maybe my eyes were already used to half naked girls when I discovered her, so it wasn't for that reason I fell in love with her.
It was mostly about her character... to me she was really cute, ducky, ironic and funny, and I remember her for having a strong and outstanding personality. Her most feminine trait was definitely her glamorous attire, more than her curves!
P.S.: Seeing her after years, I just realized her hair color is the same of my favorite nail polish... is it just a coincidence?
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