CL: Naraku Gogera, Dark King Form Picture


Dark King
Height: 11 ft. ((Hip to Ground))
Weight: Nearly 6 tons.

- Crunch: A stronger bite with the added bonus of lowering stats.
- Primal Scream: He lets out a howl which now forces enemies to scatter.
- Crusher Destroyer: Using his weight, he leaps off the ground and causes a massive earth shake. Staggers opponents.
- Skull Buster: He gets a running start and bashes his opponent with the top of his head. A chance they may be sent flying.

Battling Style:
Naraku is still a Tank in this form, however he is much more intimidating, causing his opponents to scatter and run about disoriented rather than fight. Because this is his true form, he is also much faster than before as he can sustain his own weight.

The dilemma to using this form is that Naraku’s stamina is spent quickly. Having only built up Rage for this form to only last for 45 minutes at a time. After which Naraku returns to his humanoid form in an exhausted, vulnerable state to the point he can barely move.


*Edit* Fixed all the issues with Dark King. *Thumbs up* By the way I need Mary-Sue clarified again. I thought that was just when a character was trying to get all the attention by being the cliche everyday perfect girl? IS that the same as over-powered? If so I might have been using those terms wrong all this time haha.

This was quite a blast to draw. Turned out looking much better than I thought it would. I’m not sure if this form will be allowed, but I figured that most RPG games like Final Fantasy encourage fighting big monsters like this. So hopefully it can slide. Besides, how fun will it be when he has a contract and they are riding a Rex? Hahaha.

I put a lot of time into this to make him not overpowered, I think I did so quite well. This form is essentially the same as before just bigger. I’m not sure how it’s all going to go down, but wish me luck on getting in.


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