experiment 0028: medusa Picture

"kill them."
"but...but they haven't done anything wrong..."
"they've seen too much! kill them now!!"

date: ??/??/2167


code_name: Medusa

True_name: camile charmm

snake charmer

inject test subject with reptilian DNA, observe results. if proven fruitful, take sample of blood for further diagnostic testing and replication.

pre-testing_experiment_result: success

it appears subject Medusa had not reacted well to the snake DNA i injected into her systems. her physical bone structure mutated and changed, transforming her lower half into that of a snake. once she woke up from the experiment, she became increasingly aggressive. odd, considering she was mostly a quiet girl before hand.
unfortunately, she managed to grab hold of one of my surgical implements while on her little rampage. she had knocked me over moments before. she used the implement and cut off her left arm from the elbow down, as well as gouged out her own left eye in an attempt to commit suicide.
the attempt, unfortunately, succeeded.
subject has the ability to quickly regenerate lost tissue and bone, but the injury she had caused to herself caused her to bleed out before she had fully regenerated.
however, using the dark arts i am familiar with, due to my incalculable amount of years as a master magician, i managed to summon a lesser demon with which to revive the subject. the demon's soul is tethered to her own, and when she has fully recovered, the demon will be of no further use. i will remove the demon from her system when the time comes. the demon proves otherwise useful as well. it appears loyal to me, and through that demon, i am able to control Medusa, as their souls, and, therefore, actions, are tied together. Medusa, however, fights these commands. i shall have to figure a way around that.

subject has the DNA of several snakes. king cobra, anaconda, and cottonmouth, to name a few. she displays many of these reptile's patterns when she fights, though she does not enjoy the experience. the demon has replaced her left arm, and the creature has also replaced her left eye with one that seems to turn people to dust at will. i had expected stone, but i suppose that would be too cliche'.
back to camile. the mutation destroyed her vocal cords, making her unable to speak more than a glutteral rasping, hissing sound. however, in addition to being able to regenerate, she also has the ability to mindspeak. that is, communicate through her mind. she's had a few choice words for me each time i've revealed myself to her. i daresay she'd kill me if it weren't for the demon on her arm.
the demon itself is quite intelligent, and is able to sense an opponent's moves before they make them. like an instinct.


this experiment requires more testing before i let her out on missions. her will must be contained beforehand, otherwise she will eventually gain the upper hand over the demon, and defect. hopefully i'll have a better mind-bending device by that point in time.


well, this experiment idea was inspired by a comment on chimera's deviation, actually.

artgazer12: Got any more experiments...?

Maybe one involving a naga?

smiley147: naga? wazzat?

artgazer12: A naga is a mythological creature that has the upper half of a human and the lower half of a snake. So just imagine a human with a snake tail instead of legs.

There are two different versions of nagas. The regular naga and the Feralyan naga. A regular naga has the body structure, but the upper "human" half is covered in scales and has a snake head. Feralyan nagas are generally female, and known for their beauty and their "features." They have the actual human half of their upper body.

Got any experiments like that?

smiley147: hmm...no, but you've sparked an idea for one. thanks ^ _ ^

and thusly, medusa was born. honestly i didn't think it would come out as well as it did. i must say, i don't typically draw females well, but given that this is a feralyan naga, i think i did quite well on the female upper half.

anyways, enjoy!
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