my new adopted refs Picture

ok just to start off, to be perfectly clear
NONE OF THIS ART IS MINE. i did not draw these, i finally got a bunch of bios written up for all my new adopted and i wanted to post this as a ref so i put em all together. now again i did not draw these so the art is not mine, however since i bought and or traded for these adoptables the designs and characters are now mine so no stealing!

now for the bios, the order goes from left to right, top to bottom

Name: Leto
Species: wolf
gender: female
colors: main fur-black, with blue mask over the eyes,blue chest and underbelly and tail, blue stocking patterns on the forelegs and blue hind paws,
yellow-gold eyes and a black muzzle
personality: mischievious and clever, definitely a rogue thief type, typically likes to work alone, but is loud and optimistic, loves to party

Name: Nimbus (Nim for short)
Species: wolf
gender: male
colors: mainly grey fur, one blue ear and stripe markings under the eye as well as along the back, blue tail and paws, blue-grey eyes
personality: easy going and gentlemanly in nature, but has a tendency to brag despite being a follower, loves to tell jokes and make his friends laugh

Name: Corona
colors:mainly blue fur, violet eyes, purple fur along the chest and whole right foreleg, left forleg entirely blue, purple hind paws and tip of the tail
personality: bold and outgoing, loud and boastful but is skillful and fast enough to back up her claims, a hard worker and the type to strive to succeed, her ambition tends to get her in trouble a lot

Name: Endymion (dymion for short) (named for a figure in greek mythology)
colors: mainly dark blackish blue fur with golden spots dotting sparsely over entire coat, darker grey fur on the legs (yes its different from the pic, i changed it on purpose) yellow golden eyes
personality: strong and fierce as a fighter, yet fiercely loyal and usually acts with manners, his ego can get him into trouble but it doesnt happen often, sometimes lazy

Name: Selene (named after the moon goddess in greek mythology)
colors: silver grey eyes, main fur color dark bluish grey, black fur for the legs and white patterns on the right foreleg and left hindleg on the shoulders, tip of the tail is golden yellow circular pattern, swaths of lighter grey across the body and tail.
personality: strong willed and steady, warm hearted but can seem aloof to anyone who doesnt know her personally, clever and skilled, definitely the type to plan an attack
but can shift as easily as the moon phases

Species: scene dog
gender: female
colors: mostly black fur, violet eyes and lime green and purple striped mane, color fading from black through shades of grey to the tip of the tail(may add other markings later)
personality: definitely a diva, cares mostly only for herself, loves to toy with the guys and can be manipulative and unexpected, but deep down has a good soul. can be difficult to get along with

Name: Apollo
Species: wolf
gender: male
colors: light blue eyes, ranging from dark red to orange to gold in color
personality: despite his firey colors he is a calm and friendly type, loves to be creative and loves music. fiercely loyal to his companions and has a strong sense of justice, he stands up for what he believes in

Name: Toroa (Tor for short)
Species: wolf
gender: female
colors: green eyes, legs and ears are greyish blue and body ranging from light black to purple to light greyish blue
personality: comes across as negative to most, prefers to be alone if her friends arent around, very smart and knowledgeable with herbs and strategy, very sneaky, happiest when walking through the quiet shadows of the forest at dusk.

Name: Neon
Species: wolf
gender: male
colors: deep red eyes, head is light sky blue and the body fades from light to dark blue on the lower half of the body
personality: bold and brash, a loudmouth who often ends up in trouble or in fights, a great fighter he is fast and a bit smaller than most, he uses his speed to his advantage

Name: Trick
Species: Cat
gender: male
colors: orange tabby with black stripes, green eyes
personality: adventurous, loves to explore, has a tendency to get into trouble but is fast and clever as well so usually is able to get out of it, young, still a bit immature and impish in nature, but loyal to his friends.

Name: Angel
Species: canine (mutt?)
gender: female
colors: purple fur fading down through light blue to white from head to paws.
white and purple markings, wears a silvery blue bandana and white and light blue striped socks on the forelegs, grey blue eyes
personality: named for an angelic nature, very kind and warm hearted, friendly and easy to get along with, will get fierce if made angry or defensive.

Name: Emberstrike
Species: cat
gender: female
colors: blue eyes and white muzzle and chest and underbelly, mainly reddish in
color with dark red stripes and mane, white tip on tail
personality:she's always been very strong willed and impulsive. she ended up just wandering and exploring mostly, hunting for herself and not rly staying in one place for more than a week. Emberstrike grew up in a prominent clan with a large territory, though she refuses to say who they are or where their territory is, her parents decided she was too wild to be able to take care of the clan and lead them well enough, so now her brother leads the clan and she decided to leave.

Name: Blizzard
Species: cat
colors: blue with varying stripes in shades of blue, amethyst eyes
personality:he was lost as a kit and ended up growing up in a place with a lot of snowstorms and his territory is in the foothills against a mountain range, he's become very adept at survival and hes very smart, but he is a bit of a loner. because of all this he's the tough, strong silent type.

Name: Ares (after the god of war)
Species: hellhound
gender: male
colors: black in body, deep dark red eyes and a bright reddish mane, his head and chest are dark red in color, as well as his tail, one wing is red and the other is black
personality: stern and usually silent, quick to anger and quick to fight, yet he isnt the type to boast about his strength, loyal to his friends but suspicious of everyone else, not really very social, he tends to keep to himself, loves heavy metal music

Name: Sonic Venom
Species: furdragon?
gender: male
colors: white mask and ears, red eyes, mainly black fur and green mane and crest, wings are feathered with green on top and black underneath
personality:actually can be very likeable once u get to know him but he is reserved and tends to keep to himself usually, will fight very viciously and ferociously if threatened and he does tend to be a very sneaky character and also his name, Sonic is not to be confused with the hedgehog i mean sonic as in sound waves ok like a sonic screwdriver
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