Nasrin Picture

My second character for Rapsodine.

This character will be my mod character. probably making raishinshi my "second" character and not my main, but no worries I love both characters equally and will draw them both just as much!

back story for THIS one will NOT include Raishinshi as much as I want, simply because it wouldnt make sense and therefore will not happen ;A;

ANYWAY some info on my new main character (soon to be anyway)

SHE has no name as of yet. She is a Chamrosh, I used the parts of a belgian sheepdog and a female resplendent quetzal bird. it took me an hour to research which bird and dog would match well enough too look good and "normal" together XD also which dog would have the habits I wanted and what bird wouldnt be used to often in the group.

Since Erionok has many rare fruits growing there and Chamrosh are meant to carry seeds all over the world. I figured no name here would be in charge of caring and trading rare seeds. so yeah. ENJOY!

help me name her! she is of Persian mythology so a Persian name is wanted.
found a name
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