Birthdaypresent - Arrow of a God Picture

Happy Birthday, thought and hope you would like it.
I thought i give you Arash~
For those who dont know him (STORYTIME!!!):
Kay Ārash (King Arash, Arash also can be the synonym for arrowhead, courage, and/or wisdom) is a hero-figure of the iranian mythology, or even the most important hero besides Garshasp (and yes, i played the game). His legend was about the war between the iranian people and the people of turan, a people from central-asia and were about to loose. The turans wanted to humilated the iranians and challenged them to take their best archer and where the arrow lands there shall be the border. Arash voluntered for the challenge and prayed to Ahura Mazda, the highest diety in the persian religion.
As he shot the arrow, he bounded his soul on the arrow, which was carried by Ahura Mazdas will.
Over the caspian sea 2500 km away to the central-asian steppe landed the arrow. An holy line protected by Ahura Mazda which lasted for centuries, a sacrifice by Arash which is still remembered. (if i did some mistakes, i do apologies)

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