Signal-to-Noise Picture

There is a very good reason behind the title, but I'd rather leave it up to speculation.

Anyway, made for studio art, a printing exercise using 3 media. The skull was printed via dry-point, the figure and the snake using digital on photo paper, and the film through silk screen. These of course aren't the final prints - I cobbled this one together pretty much for compositional purposes, using the original digital files (except for the skull, which is a scan of the dry-point). I doubt I'll post the final, traditional print though.

Through 3 printing techniques, sought to explore 3 aspects of reality, because reality always manifests in threes, from the Christian trinity to the recurring triple goddess motif in many mythologies. I sought to represent the Cosmetic, the Subconscious, and the Spiritual aspects.

The hands are all my own. The skull, unfortunately, is not. Keep an eye out for the fine details in the left portion; I used more than a dozen images all in all for that.

Dissatisfied with texture, but this was put together really hastily. Tell me your thoughts, and enjoy.

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