My Alter ego Picture

Name: Pedro Vladimir von Kaiserdrache

Species: Reptilian.

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Neutral. He follows his own personal moral code while not really believing in actual good or evil.

Home: He lives in a modern village located in the northern region of planet Aetera.

Age: Unknown. He appears to be somewhere between "teenager" and "young adult".

Height: About 2 meters.

Length: (From snout to the end of tail): About 3 meters and maybe even more.

Weight: "It's quite a while since the last time I used the weighing scale..."

Eye color: Mixture of cyan, lime and dark green.

Skin color: Mostly forest green. Some scales have different shades.

Powers: He is skilled with using scythe as a weapon. He also uses a short sword as a secondary. He has all the physical abilities of an average reptilian. He also has the power of scotokinesis (ability to control dark energy).

Likes: Culture (especially those of Japan and Western regions of Earth), mythology, video games and cute things.

Dislikes: Insects, aroma of industrial chemicals, smoke (Not that he is related to Dodongos or anything), black and white morality and annoying people.

Personality: While he is usually pretty polite and acts like a gentleman, he can sometimes be a brutal honest deadpan snarker.

Overview: Pedro is a reptilian who lives in Aetera, a planet that is home to many different species of creatures. He is very intelligent, wise and interested in learning about many different things. Being a descendant of a legendary figure known as the Lizard King, he wields the Eldritch Flare: a mysterious scythe with a connection to his dark powers.

So far this has been the best work I have made. There is still a lot to improve though. But I'm still proud because of how fast I got this done.

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