Tuonen Tytti Picture

Tuonen Tytti (Acrylic and Ink)

Tuonen Tytti is from Finnish Kalevala mythology. She worked as a boatman for the nether world, that was called in finnish text as Tuonela. Tytti helped the dead over the Black river, to reach the kingdom of the dead. She only helped people over the river, if they were dead. Even the living wanted to go to Tuonela, because of the broad wisdom that the dead possessed. You could trick, lie or convince Tytti, to let you on the boat and across the Black river, but if she figures out that you are not dead, you'll soon be.

It has been said that Shamans could trick Tytti, by going in trance like state and separating soul from the body. Soul had to travel several weeks across the wilderness until you came to the shores of Black river, there you had to convince Tytti that he or she were really dead or swim across the dangerous river until the soul came to Tuonela. Equally or more hard was to get back from Tuonela.

I mixed some Akseli Galen Kallela and The Secret of Monkey island in this one xD
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