Better run, yeah, I'm coming after you Picture

You guys finally get to see a proper picture of Unmei
And his huge-ass weapon that doesn't really have a name as far as I know

He's actually completely, like, sexless
No genitals or anything
But he identifies as male
And now I guess I'll copy-paste his profile

Assumed Name: Unmei
Full Name: Unmei Rin Kuroki
Nicknames: Mei, Doom, Kuroki, Gasmask, Cat-eyes
Gender: Agender/genderless, presumed to be and identifies as male
Age: 18
Birthday: October 19
Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic asexual
Nationality: American, Japanese
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese
Native Language: English
Relationship Status: Single, possibly interested in his best friend Akane
Religious Views: Agnostic atheist
Occupation: Serial killer, works as a sort of proxy for an anonymous individual

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Figure/Build: Short and slim, sort of lanky
Hair Colour: Black
Hairstyle: Short in back, fringe about as long as back hairs, two very long tendrils in front, one on each side of his face
Eyes: Very pale yellow sclerae; icy blue irises; slit, cat-like pupils
Skin Colour: Snow white (no visible skin-tone pigments)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Mouth is stitched mostly closed; sutures loose enough to allow him to open his mouth about 1/4 of an inch
- Top: Red hoodie with elbow length sleeves and black edges
- Bottoms: Grey skinny jeans
- Shoes: Black Converse
- Hands/Arms: Black fingerless gloves
- Face/Head: Black and grey gas mask; covers his nose and mouth

Smoker/Drinker/Drug User?: Occasional drinker
Addictions: Energy drinks
Allergies: Bees, cherry blossoms
Physical Illnesses/Disabilities: Semi-mute due to stitches on mouth; vocal cords still intact, though speaking through the sutures is difficult and sometimes painful
Mental Illnesses/Disabilities: Schizophrenia, insomnia
Medications: Meds to treat the schizophrenia; hates to take them and often "forgets"

Personality: Quiet, can be snarky/sarcastic, bitter, pessimistic, hard to get along with, violent, anti-social, vengeful, irritable
Likes: Macabre things, horror movies, bladed weapons, loud music, being alone, Akane, scaring people, cold weather, mythology, art, books
Dislikes: Children, being pestered/interrupted, hot weather, guns/explosion-related weapons, people removing his gas mask without permission, being touched, insects, heights
Phobias: Melissophobia (bees), acrophobia (heights)
Music Tastes: Metal, post-hardcore, J-Rock
Hobbies: Drawing, killing things, reading, running
Talents: Drawing
Theme Songs:
- Battle/Instrumental: "In The End" by Linkin Park (instrumental)
- Japanese: "Daiben" by Kiro
- English: "Another Way Out" by Hollywood Undead

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
Favourite Foods/Drinks: Smoothies, milkshakes, peanut butter ripple ice cream, cheese-stuffed mushrooms, cheese wontons, Gouda cheese, shrimp, energy drinks
Disliked Foods/Drinks: Hot dogs, anything spicy, green vegetables, coffee, tea, rootbeer, diet/sugar-free/low-calorie anything

Peaceful or Aggressive?: Aggressive
Weapon: Large cleaver with curved extension at top
Strengths: Small build allows for high speed and agility
Weaknesses: Lacks in strength, schizophrenia-induced hallucinations sometimes become distractions, panics when caught in high places

Mother: Angeline Fairchild-Kuroki (American; status unknown)
Father: Hiromi Kuroki (Japanese; dead)
Partner/Spouse: None, somewhat interested in Akane
Best Friend: Akane Fujishima
Other Friends/Acquaintances: Amaya Jackson, Kokoro Takami, Luka Belikov, Akki
Enemies: Tobias Clare

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